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WPForms have a reputation for being one of the best form builders on the market but we think its some of their lesser known features that might make it your next install.

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Build Conversion Focused Forms.

With one of the best form builders and one click templates you are just 5 minutes away.

Introducing WPForms

In this WPForms review we are going to look at two things.

First an introduction to the app and what makes it stand out from other form builders.

And secondly we will take a closer look at their conversion focused features and what that means for you.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on WPForms, we will let you know what to expect in the way of WPForms coupon codes. (Hint: 50% off deal is on right now)

What is WPForms?

WPForms was one of the first true competitors to come out and challenge the original and mighty Gravity Forms. And they really went for the achilles heel by making one of the easiest and most visually appealing form builders which is still the case today 3 years later after their first launch.

With the use of their pioneering drag and drop builder and one click templates you are literally 5 minutes away from creating your first form and embedding it on your website.

And one of the best things about all of this is that they have a free version which is perfect if all you are looking for is a simple contact form. However it is the Pro features that focus on form conversion rates that this review today is most interested in and which we will discuss in the “How to use” section of this review.

If you haven't already see a demo of of WPForms.

WPForms Founders

Syed Balkhi
Jared Atchison

Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and CEO of WPForms. Prior to WPForms, he founded WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site and OptinMonster, the most popular lead generation software. 

He is an award winning entrepreneur who was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by United Nations. Syed’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, WashingtonPost, FoxBusiness, and countless other top publications.

Jared Atchison is the co-founder and CTO of WPForms. Prior to WPForms, Jared was one of the leading WordPress consultants in the market working with clients to transform their great ideas into reality. 

His long list of clients included companies like LeadPages, ShareASale, Texas A&M University, GolfStats.com, and more. Jared knows firsthand that most WordPress contact forms plugins are poor in quality. 

He’s extremely proud that WPForms is changing that by creating extremely easy to use and technologically sound software that just simply WORKS!

How to use WPForms?

As already mentioned this review is primarily going to focus on the conversion optimization features of WPForms because that really is the most interesting and enticing reason to choose WPForms over the other form builders.

However for basic use where I detail how to create forms in 5 minutes see this video.

See how easy that is!

Now lets get onto the good stuff in the form of two of WPForms best features called landing page forms and conversational forms. Both features have been designed to fix an all too common problem with any online form which is people abandoning your form before pressing the submit button.

People have limited time and anything they perceive to be too hard they just forget which is a lost opportunity for you and your business.

So the first feature WPForms introduced is their landing page forms.

An example of this type of form is below.

Notice how their is absolutely nothing else on this page, in other words no distractions or hyperlinks or even menus for people to click. I love how if you look at this form you would have no idea that it was hosted on WordPress. 

It looks like a professionally custom coded form which is great. But it has the added benefit of being tightly integrated with WordPress which could mean anything from immediate user account creation to even more advanced functions such as customer tagging.

And here is an example of the legendary ease of use that WPForms is so well known for because all you have to do to convert your standard form into this is click this one checkbox.

The 2nd conversion focused form WPForms introduced is conversational forms.

An example of how this form works is below.


The key thing about these forms is how they mimic natural human conversation. Ask one question at a time and wait for the response.

A conversational form can make it even the most intense question filled form feel easier and “lighter” to engage with and use for your website visitors. Personally this form type is what I think is WPForms Kingpin feature.

And again all it takes to activate this form is one checkbox.


WPForms Key Features

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Form Templates
  • File Uploads
  • Multi page forms
  • Save and continue (offline forms)
  • Survey and Polls
  • Repeating fields
  • User registration
  • Visual Form Styler
  • Geolocation data
  • Spam protection
  • Form abandonment data capture
  • Conversational and Landing Page Forms
  • Mobile Responsive forms
  • PayPal and Stripe forms
  • Zapier forms
  • WooCommerce forms

WPForms Free vs Pro

Free Version

Perfect for simple forms like contact pages
$ Free License
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Entries Management
  • Form validation


Advanced WordPress Application builder
$ 199
Per Year
  • Everything in free
  • More field options including file upload, ratings and more
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Signatures & user registration
  • Integrations to third party apps like email autoresponders
  • Conversational and landing page forms
  • Premium Support and Updates
  • eCommerce functions

A few thoughts

The form above neglects to mention the Basic and Pro plan which are priced at $39.50 and $99.50 respectively. The reason for this is simply that many of the best features that make WPForms stand out from their competitors are only found in the Pro and Elite version.

WPForms Pros

  • Free version is one of the best for overall form design
  • Still the easiest form builder on the market
  • Templates make it easy to build forms quickly
  • WPForms focuses on form conversion rates through features like conversational forms and landing page forms.
  • Great support and updates included
  • Money back guarantee

WPForms Cons

  • Free version lacks some standard form fields
  • Pricing can be unfair based on what 3rd party apps you use
  • Does lack more advanced form database features

Are there Up-sells?

There are no up-sells when choosing WPForms.

There are however blocks on certain features that are only available on higher plans. If you have the Pro version and Elite versions you won't notice these up-sells but you definitely will on their Basic and Plus plan. 

WPForms Alternatives?

There are two notable alternatives:

Let me just say upfront all of three options are excellent for building forms. WPForms used to have a commanding lead in the area of ease of use and overall design but with the recent version 4 of Formidable Forms this gap is now negligible at best. 

Gravity Forms however is still king for overall features and integrations which I suppose is a testament to them being in the game for longer so there is no reason to rule out the other two as they more than likely will catch up at the rate of development they are progressing at.

However the ultimate choice comes down to you and your needs where if you are building a super advanced form application you probably would be best choosing between Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms.

WPForms however is still the best bet for overall conversion focused forms with their conversational and landing page form options.

You have to weigh up these options for yourself but it is helpful that WPForms and Formidable Forms both have free versions for you to test but unfortunately not Gravity Forms. But Gravity Forms basically will be able to do anything you throw at it with third party integrations and a competent developer who can tweak it for you.

Hope that helps but as already mentioned all three are winners in their own rights.


Do we recommend WPForms?

WPForms is an easy recommendation to make especially considering they have a free version available which will quickly have you setup with a basic form in minutes. When you need more advanced data fields you can then step up to their basic version for just $39.50 which is great value. However please note that to enjoy many of the features and ideas suggested in this review you will need at least the Pro plan starting at $199.50 per year.

When you bump up to that plan you get some of WPForms best features in the form of landing page forms, conversational forms, surveys and polls and integrations with PayPal and Stripe. 

The thing that WPForms has the most going for it is ease of use and overall design of the forms CSS which gives them a pleasing look and feel to your users so the best advice would be to see this for yourself before judging between competing solutions like Formidable Forms. You will be able to get a feel for this for yourself even in the free version.

Get started with WPForms. (Free version available)

Build Conversion Focused Forms.

With one of the best form builders and one click templates you are just 5 minutes away.

Is there a WPForms Coupon?

At the moment there is a 50% discount across all WPForms plans which means you can get their basic version for $39.50 and their top tier Elite plan for $299.50 which is already very favorable pricing structure compared to their main competitors.

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

Join the Promotions Wait-List

By using the influence of the crowd and through our affiliations with over 1,000 app vendors we negotiate the best deal on your behalf and maybe even a lifetime deal. When joining a wait-list you will also be notified of any seasonal sales for example around the holidays and Black Friday.

How to claim WPForms Bonuses?

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Every app purchase qualifies for our buy one, get one free bonus offer. This is unlike any app bonus you have seen before because you can choose the exact WordPress plugin you need to compliment your recent purchase. There are over 3,000 to choose from so you will definitely find something of value to you.

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