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Smar7 Apps Break Down

Smar7 Apps is an interesting platform idea. It is for those that are using Shopify and are having a hard time getting more conversions. It’s easy to set up an ecommerce website, but getting through to consumers and cajoling them to make more purchases is tough. The goal of Smar7 Apps is to help make more sales. It automates the notion of coupon codes, bundle deals, and so much more. It allows individuals to increase customer value, and create better overall conversion rates. The goal is upselling through the shopping cart, with incentivized shopping solutions. The more someone shops, the more that they save, and eventually they check out. It gives people upsells that aren’t just hitting them over the head with sales, it’s a process that helps create more money, more conversions, and automated through the Shopify ecommerce system.

About and the creator/team of Smar7 Apps

The Smar7 Apps solution bundle is created by several names in the marketing world. The co-founders are Wyatt Jozwowski and Devin Zander. These two have years of experience in ecommerce marketing, design, and programming. They have built their careers on establishing next level integration for the internet marketing and ecommerce world, respectively. With this new bundle, they share their years of experience with shops that need a little push for their overall sales goals. By introducing seamless upselling in the shopping cart, conversion rates jump to all new heights, guaranteed.

Pros and Cons

Before you purchase Smar7 Apps, consider a few pros and cons that are being discussed at the present time.


  • Easy Integration
  • Blends Into Many Themes
  • Customizations
  • 60 Day Free Trial


  • A Lot of Variables (customizations)
  • Requires Ecommerce Store

Is Smar7 Apps Worthwhile?

You may see a lot of plugins trying to sell you on the sales front, but this is different. This is not a plugin that you are never going to use, it’s something that impacts your store with every single person that comes to buy something. If someone buys anything, they’ll have automated upselling that is directly related to what they are shopping for. For example, a skateboard shop could sell boards and wheels, as well as pads, and even clothing before the final check out goes through. Shoppers will be more likely to shop if there’s an incentive in place, and that’s the goal here. It’s not just about upselling without giving back, as these are made to discount deeply as individuals add more items to their cart. It’s a win-win situation. Now, as far as the cost is concerned, the license can cost upwards of $297 up front, or upwards of $497 up front for those that want access for a lifetime. That’s a bit much, but don’t worry, you can get a monthly purchase license for $47 a month after the initial 60 day trial. It’s that simple. Now, is it worthwhile? Absolutely! With this, you can ensure that your store gets more products ordered, and shipped, fast.

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