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Have you been working on or redesigning your website and been wondering how is this being perceived by the internet? Is Google really showing the changes that I'm making? How is it affecting my traffic flow? Are more people noticing? Or less people becoming engaged? If these are questions you would like answers to, then there is a solution. And what if that solution could not only answer all those questions but also make you money as well?

The answer to all of those questions is Seo Snapshot. Seo Snapshot, or search engine optimization, is designed to give you huge amounts of information which until now has only been available to the big search engines like Google. So what are some of the features including pros and cons of this exceptional and innovative tool?

Seo snapshot Pros

SEO score

One of the fantastic pros about Seo Snapshot is that it allows you to have information at your fingertips like your SEO score which previously was information which may have been difficult for you to find or access. Your SEO score is an incredibly important metric because the score lets you know the degree to which your webpage has been search engine optimized. For instance, if you sell light bulbs but none of your SEO keywords include the words like light bulbs, electricity, fixtures, halogen, or other lightbulb related terms, your score is going to be very low. What this indicates is that people searching for you online will have trouble finding you due to the way your site is set up. The higher your SEO score is, the more relevant your content is to the ways in which people will search for you.

Social signal impact

If you are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, another metric which you will want to gauge is how effective these sites are for transmitting your message; helping you convert looks into clicks; and the amount of traffic that is being directed to you through the sites, links, and promotions you post. These are all really important things for you to measure and have reports on. You may find what works well as an advertisement on Facebook totally flopped when utilized on Twitter and vice versa. With the ability to gauge success rates, check to see overtime how promotions have done through your social media platforms, get a good estimation of the amount of traffic being directed to you, and how well people are interacting with your social media sites you will have some solid indicators helping you determine how to move forward and how to best reach your audience.

Make money

It may seem odd when talking about utilizing a piece of software to say that it can make you money. But the fact is Seo Snapshot is able to not just be utilized, it can also be sold. Seo Snapshot is a part of a group of several programs which you can not only buy and use but

also sell as if they were your own. With the power of being able to not just use but also make money off of the product you are using directly, as well as the indirect monetary benefits of enhancing your website, improving your SEO, understanding the traffic patterns, and how to market better, Seo Snapshot helps pay for itself in a variety of ways.

One of the other great features about being able to sell it is that you keep 100% of the money. You do not have to pay a commission and you are not required to send invoices or sign documentation. You are for all intents and purposes an independent business person selling a product in any way that you see fit under any label that you choose. If you'd like to find out more about this particular feature for Seo Snapshot, check out rebrandapps.

Seo Snapshot Cons

No matter how great a piece of software is, there always cons and there are two small cons with Seo Snapshot.


One very small con is that it has traffic estimation. This is important as it lets you know roughly how many people are engaged with your site. But perhaps you want to know specific hard numbers. That is a minor let down and a small limitation of the programming. It cannot give you hard and fast numbers but rather gives you estimations and views of trends. This should not be seen truly as a strike against it, as that information is still incredibly valuable but if you were looking to be able to chart hard numbers, then Seo Snapshot will not be able to meet that need.


Although the product is absolutely fantastic and people like to say it sells itself, the truth is at a fundamental level you still have to sell it. If you are not very good at selling, you have trouble with online marketing, or you struggle with engaging clients, then this may become a bit of a drag to you as you seek to make inroads in your marketing and fail to achieve those goals. This is not a shortcoming of the program but it is easy to lay blame at the feet of a program than it is to accept responsibility that we have something to learn.

Seo Snapshot Conclusion

That being said, this is a fantastic program and once you get into your niche you will easily be able to make your money back in spades through selling it, as well as through using it to get traffic estimations, improve your SEO scores, find out how well people are interacting with you on social media, and a host of other reporting options too numerous to mention. In all, Seo Snapshot is a fantastic product that every professional should own.

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Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Seo Snapshot Discount – Coupon Code


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