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I remember when I first reviewed this tool in 2012 and I was so impressed with their audit tool which if you achieved a score of at least 95% they guaranteed you would get a top 10 ranking. Pretty bold stuff but when you looked under the hood you could see why. A lot has changed in the SEO landscape in 2018 and the question stands, “Is SEOprofiler still a good choice?”


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Introducing SEOprofiler

In this SEOprofiler review we will be looking specifically at how this plugin’s “Exit Intent technology” is a must have for any website and then how this works as part of a cart abandonment strategy for eCommerce websites.

We will also compare SEOprofiler to some of it’s direct competitors.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on SEOprofiler, we will let you know what to expect in the way of SEOprofiler coupon codes.

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What is SEOprofiler?

SEOprofiler is a complete SEO toolkit for getting top rankings on Google and other search engines. It consists of a number of key tools like rank tracking, keyword research, back link audits, local and mobile SEO, competitive intelligence and even up-time monitoring.

And for all the agencies out there it has full white labeling for your brand. This and the quality of the back link database in SEOprofiler is why manay agencies around the world use this tool to manage their client’s SEO. If you do decide to choose SEOprofiler for your needs you will definitely be in some good company like Thomson Reuters and to name a few.

See an overview of their key features and selling points.

SEOprofiler Founders

Johannes Selbach

The parent company of SEOProfiler is Axandra who have been developing tools for the SEO community since 2000.

They have several SEO milestones in the community including:

  • Developed the first website promotion tool for Apple Macintosh computers.
  • Created one of the first pay per click optimization software tools
  • Created the extremely popular Windows SEO software tool iBusinessPromoter (IBP).
André Voget

How to use SEOprofiler?

In my original review of SEOprofiler I was impressed at the boldness of their claims of guaranteeing a top 10 listing if you got a score of 95% on their website audit tool. This tool was and still is excellent but I do notice that they don’t promote it with a guaranteed ranking claim anymore, which I think is smart.  I commented on this in my old review but from a marketing point of view anytime someone promises you anything to do with SEO rankings you should run!

So it’s good SEOprofiler doesn’t market this as much but that is not to say that the ingenious website audit tool is not as good as before – it’s still there and pumping out valuable data based on the current top 10 ranked sites in Google. It uses this data to then show you a personal report of what you need to do whether that be on-page work such as title tags and content or whether you need to build links and even who to approach to get these links.

The fact that it uses current top 10 listings in Google means the reports are always keeping pace with Google and their ever changing algorithms so you don’t focus your attention on the wrong sites.

Another standout is the ability to alert you to important keywords that you should be focusing on. You know those keywords that are maybe position 11-13 or even 3-5 on Google that with a little bit extra work could easily get a better rank. See this below

Keyword ranking opportunities report in SEOprofiler

Some more features before we discuss pricing:

SEOprofiler has agencies in mind with their local and mobile SEO ranking reports. This is valuable for presenting your clients with exact information on how they are ranking in their local regions and how they rank on mobile. 

The keyword research tool in SEOprofiler is one of the better ones you will find as it includes an intelligent and automatic keyword suggestion feature based on your keywords and their own database of 249 million keywords in 41 countries and languages. If you have never thought of multilingual SEO now definitely is a good time and SEOprofiler has you covered.

No review of an SEO tool would be complete without a mention of link building and SEOprofiler does have one Ace up it’s sleeve in the form of something called the “Link Influencer Tool“. The basic idea is that SEOprofiler will find other websites that have shown a tendency to link to others and most importantly possibly yours. It does this by identifying sites with at least two links to other sites in the top rankings for a particular keyword. It then presents this data as part of an opportunity report for you to take action on.

And that leads nicely on the last feature I will talk about for now and that is the opportunities tab which is really helpful for keeping you focused on the most important tasks to improve your search engine results. I know how hard it can be to focus on the stuff that matters especially with all the different opinions out there so consider SEOprofiler your accountability buddy. It works!

Ok with that discussion of just a small snippet of the standout SEOprofiler features let’s now discuss the four SEOprofiler plans and their key features. Note the Smart plan offer for $1 – highly recommended.

SEOprofiler Key Features

Standard vs Smart Plan


Great for solo (non-agency) SEO
$ 69
Per Month
  • Daily ranking check of 500 keywords
  • Audit of 20,000 pages
  • 10 projects
  • 1 user
  • Standard reports
  • No link disinfection tool

Smart Plan

Link disinfection tool included
$ $99
Per Month (After 1 Euro trial)
  • Daily ranking check of 1,000 keywords
  • Audit of 50,000 pages
  • 50 projects
  • 5 users
  • White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool

A few thoughts

It’s clear to see which is the most popular plan for SEOprofiler and the one they really want you to use considering their Smart Plan offer for 1 Euro. This really gives you the full experience of SEOprofiler including their link disinfection tool which is incredibly handy especially in the face of any negative SEO attacks your website may have experienced.

You wouldn’t believe how common SEO espionage is, I even saw the other day that a tool (which shall remain nameless) paid people to bounce off your competitors’s website thereby hurting their credibility scores on Google. This does exist and why a tool like link disinfection is important and could be the secret sauce missing from getting you the page one ranking you deserve.

Another thing to bear in mind especially if you are a growing digital marketing agency is that the pricing tier to get on SEOprofiler's unlimited plan does shoot up to 999.95 Euro per month. As the name suggests you get no limits placed on you at that level so you won't get charged more for each new SEO client you add. 

The other key feature that will be of interest to agencies is the white label reporting. See below a screenshot of what this looks like.

SEOProfiler Pros

SEOProfiler Cons

Are there Up-sells?

The first thing you will see when deciding to join is that they are actually giving you a bonus.

SEOprofiler Alternatives?

There is no shortage of SEO tools on the market nowadays with some standout alternatives including:




All of the above have free trials which I would encourage you to try and you will find that you actually learn something different about your website from each. It really comes down to which platform gives you the most meaningful “AHA” moment at a price that won't break the bank.

On that topic did you know you can click the search icon in the header of this website and search for coupon codes? Over 1,000 apps are listed so the chances are high there will be a listing for the app you want.


Do I recommend SEOprofiler?

I can wholeheartedly recommend SEOprofiler especially at the trial price of 1 Euro for 30 days. This will give you a very feel of how the app works for you and the insights you gain on what to improve. After the 30 days you may find you don’t need all the features of the Smart plan and are quite happy with the standard reports and no link disinfection – both plans are viable and well suited to most people.

However if you run a SEO agency with more than 50 clients you will need to purchase the professional or even Enterprise level plan which gives you unlimited everything.

But for most I would recommend the Smart Plan for just 1 Euro here.

Agency level tools for SEO

Everything you need in one place for your content marketing and ranking strategy.

Is there a SEOprofiler Coupon?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

No code neededCopy
seoprofiler review and discount


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How to claim SEOprofiler Bonuses?

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Every app purchase qualifies for our buy one, get one free bonus offer. This is unlike any app bonus you have seen before because you can choose the exact WordPress plugin you need to compliment your recent purchase. There are over 3,000 to choose from so you will definitely find something of value to you.

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