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Expiration no more

If you are an online marketer, Periscope should no longer be new to you. It is the most used video platform app for any online marketers today for more online presence, especially on Youtube, but it has one flaw, Periscope videos expire within 24 hours. That’s where Scope Freak enters the picture. Ali G. has now become one of the top known names in online marketing and has created this new software, wherein you need not to worry for videos to expire in 24 hours, just collect videos that are useful to you.

What is Scope Freak?

A new software under video social media platform that downloads any video clip with an amazing download speed in helping online marketers for a better broadcast of information through video streams to clients. Anything that deals with online marketing, blogging, research purposes, social media and the like, growing and nurturing your Youtube channel and links, it all works well under this new software. It gives online marketing new angles like never before.


  • Works both on PC and Mac

A powerful productivity app where you can work with OS X and Apple, share       inks and make some improvements to your campaign.

  • No video expiration

Provides as much content for your usage and keeping as long as possible

  • Fast loading time

The best feature of the software. For you not to waste more time waiting,    downloads an hour or three video length within minutes.

  • Very Simple to us

As easy as 123

  1. Paste video URL
  2. Specify output file
  3. Press Start

Scope Freak gives you an instant source of unlimited video streams that could be useful to any niche. It will be beneficial to everyone, especially online marketers, as it saves time and energy to make your online presence more active, updated and unique. Definitely solves all the problems of Periscope users regardless of what campaign they are having.



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