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Please note we don't have a public list of all 3,000 bonus plugins available at this stage so as part of the claim we will ask you for three plugins that you want. Most of the time we will have at least one option or something similar for you.

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WordPress Plugin Bonus

Due to the GNU-GPL licensing structure of WordPress plugins we have a large collection that we can share with our clients. There are over 3,500 to choose, including many well known ones.

How do you become a client? 

You probably are a client already if you are reading this page because you just need to buy an app from this website.

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Terms and Conditions for Bonus Claims

  • WordPress plugins offered under the GNU GPL license will be the latest version at the time of a bonus claim being requested. We do not include license keys and plugin support. 
  • App or trial run purchases of $1-$10 qualify for up to $49 bonus WordPress plugin. 
  • We can only give bonuses to actual clients of Bootstrapps where your app purchase reflects in our affiliate dashboard. The most common reason a purchase doesn't reflect is because of another affiliate being credited. To avoid this, right click and open any link in a new incognito window. For more information, read the “How to claim this Discount?” section under each app listing. 

For member points and reward claims

  • You can post three comments daily for a maximum of 15 points per day.
  • Because of the generous points on offer for submitting articles, they need to be at least 350 words and specifically answer the question, “How I used this app or plugin in my business.” Generic content that doesn't give any concrete action steps will not get approved.
  • There are two versions of the Grand Prize. At 500 points you get a $50 app of your choice. 900 points gets a $100 app of your choice. If you redeem your bonus at the 500 point level, your balance is reset to 0.
  • To qualify for the grand prize, you need to have purchased another app from within 6-months of your claim. This should be pretty easy with all the great deals featured on a daily basis.

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