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70% of your website visitors wont visit a second time!

So we need a way to gently nudge the 70% to stay in touch with us. Can you imagine what a difference that would make to your business? Let’s look today at one way of doing this called OptinMonster.

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Catch the 70% and boost profit

OptinMonster makes collecting leads for future follow up as easy as pie.

Introducing OptinMonster

In this OptinMonster review we will be looking specifically at how this plugin’s “Exit Intent technology” is a must have for any website and then how this works as part of a cart abandonment strategy for eCommerce websites.

We will also compare OptinMonster to some of it’s direct competitors.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on OptinMonster, we will let you know what to expect in the way of OptinMonster coupon codes.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a premium lead capture tool ideally suited to website owners who don't want to lose touch with leads who could become clients in the future.

Through a series of advanced display and trigger options you can reduce any likelihood of frustrating your website visitors with the wrong pop-up form at the wrong time.

Of special interest to online shop owners is the cart abandonment features which should result in a nice up-tick of increased product sales when implemented.

This review will take a closer look at how to quickly and easily get started.

See an overview of their key features and selling points.

OptinMonster Founders

Thomas Griffin
Syed Balkhi

Thomas Griffin is the co-founder and President of OptinMonster. Prior to OptinMonster, he founded Soliloquy, the fastest WordPress slider plugin, and Envira Gallery, a revolutionary gallery solution for photographers. He is an expert developer with deep knowledge of building simple products for the mass-market. Thomas knows firsthand that software for marketers are generally poor in quality. He’s extremely proud that OptinMonster is changing that by creating extremely easy to use and technologically sound software that just simply WORKS! Thomas is a frequent speaker on business and software and an advisor in many companies, including ReeceThomas.


Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and strategic advisor of OptinMonster. Prior to OptinMonster, he founded WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. In 2011, Syed started List25, a widely popular entertainment site with over 1.5 million subscribers and quarter billion video views. 

He is a successful online marketer and an award winning entrepreneur who was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations. Syed’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, WashingtonPost, FoxBusiness, VentureBeat, and countless other top publications. Syed is a frequent speaker on the topics of lead-generation and growth hacking.

How to use OptinMonster?

OptinMonster offers a very easy to use drag and drop builder for creating popups which you will see below.

It’s good to note that the above screen is what you are presented with after choosing either choosing an OptinMonster template or starting from scratch. Something you won’t see in the above screenshot is a feature called Smart Success which allows popups to show differently to people who have previously interacted with one of your other popups. 

It’s these type of features which makes OptinMonster arguably the most powerful popup builder on the market today.

Feature Highlight

Arguably the biggest reason to choose OptinMonster if you sell any type of product or service online is their form and cart abandonment features. These two features alone will be worth the price of admission to you after implementing it as detailed below.

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

First, create a new Popup campaign or modify an existing campaign from the OptinMonster dashboard. Open the OptinMonster Builder by selecting the Edit link.


Step 2 – Activate Exit-Intent

Choose the exit detected display rule.


Step 3 – Utilize Page Targeting

Set the campaign to only show on the cart or checkout page by targeting that page’s URL. 

Step 4 – Embed the Cart Abandonment Campaign

Finally, you’ll want to embed your campaigns on your site which will vary depending on what website platform you use but OptinMonster have a number of helpful guides placed at just the right place in the process when you need it that will get you setup in no time.

OptinMonster Key Features

OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads


The king of ease of use and features
$ 29 Per Month
  • 3 Websites
  • 50,000 Pageviews
  • Drag and drop easy to use
  • Many opt-in form types to choose from
  • Template are more designer and appealing
  • Advanced reporting and conversion stats
  • Monster Effects and Sounds
  • Cart & Form Abandonment

Thrive Leads

True value proposition alternative
$ 67 Lifetime Deal
  • One WordPress Website
  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Many opt-in form types to choose from
  • A/B Testing
  • Smart Links and Smart Exit
  • Design Templates included
  • Detailed Stats
  • Premium Support and Updates
Best Value

A few thoughts

There is actually a lot to discuss when looking at this comparison.

First of all don't let the fact that Thrive Leads only includes one website for $67 put you off. Remember this is one time pricing and all you have to do is pay $97 for 5 websites and $147 for 15 websites which is still great value when you consider OptinMonster will cost you over $350 in the first year alone.

The other big win for Thrive Leads is that you get unlimited pageviews because you use your own website server resources for the plugin to work whereas OptinMonster operates on a cloud connection model that integrates to a WordPress plugin or any other website platform you may use.

So naturally if you don't use WordPress – OptinMonster becomes your only bet. Another area that OptinMonster wins is ease of use and overall design of templates which are far superior to Thrive Leads. That being said though if you are a designer you can get the same results with Thrive Leads because of how powerful their layout editor is but this does require a learning curve and more time to get right but again this could be worth it for that price on WordPress.

Another highlight for me is OptinMonster and their form and cart abandonment features which could easily pay the price of your subscription by themselves when implemented correctly.

OptinMonster Pros

OptinMonster Cons

Are there Up-sells?

The first thing you will see when deciding to join is that they are actually giving you a bonus.

And after signing up all you will see are the links for you to download the plugin and as soon as you activate an on-boarding process begins that will have you up and running with a simple pop-up form in under 10 minutes. More complex forms like cart abandonment integrated to your email provider will naturally take longer to complete but definitely not as much time as some other competing solutions. Think under 30 minutes of work and you are done.

And talking about such power features does lead me to the one area where you will see somewhat of an up-sell and that is trying to access advanced features like cart abandonment when you are on a “lesser plan”. You will get a gentle nudge that this feature is only available on a certain plan and will be encouraged to upgrade – in the case of cart abandonment that feature is available in the Pro and Growth plans only.

OptinMonster Alternatives?

There is no shortage of lead capture plugins on the market and two notable ones include:

Let me first talk about Elementor as it's not actually a dedicated lead capture plugin but rather a full fledged WordPress Design tool which just so happens to also have a pop-up builder. The designs are great as it is made by designers but it does lack advanced display and triggering technologies provided by OptinMonster. However its a worthy alternative because if you just need a simple lead capture pop-up you just need to buy one plugin and not two because in all honesty you are going to still want to use Elementor even if you use OptinMonster. It's just that good!
See a demo of Elementor (note you will need Pro version to get pop-up feature)
Now let's talk about Thrive Leads which really is the true alternative to OptinMonster. It's a dedicated lead capture tools with advanced triggers and display options which literally connects with everything you can imagine especially with their Zapier integration.
It's nowhere near as nice and easy to use as OptinMonster but for that sacrifice you will get lifetime pricing and updates. No monthly fee here people which really makes Thrive Leads the King of Value to performance.


Do we recommend OptinMonster?

If there is one thing that the business behind OptinMonster does well its user experience.

As soon as you activate any of their plugins an onboarding process is started that can have you up and running in under 15 minutes. This is true of their WPForms, SeedProd, RafflePress, MonsterInsights and of course OptinMonster plugins.

As of writing I would personally still claim that they are the king of usability and the structure of menu settings and advanced Pro features is so intuitive that it will have you performing even advanced marketing tactics like cart abandonment integrated to your email provider in no time.

For this reason alone I recommend OptinMonster and the fact that right now you can get started for $9 per month makes this one of the easiest recommendations ever.

Get started with OptinMonster.

Catch the 70% and boost profit

OptinMonster makes collecting leads for future follow up as easy as pie.

Is there an OptinMonster Coupon?

Occasionally vendors share coupons, these will appear below (or blank if none).

Join the Promotions Wait-List

By using the influence of the crowd and through our affiliations with over 1,000 app vendors we negotiate the best deal on your behalf and maybe even a lifetime deal. When joining a wait-list you will also be notified of any seasonal sales for example around the holidays and Black Friday.

How to claim OptinMonster Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing OptinMonster? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim a bonus.

Every app purchase qualifies for our buy one, get one free bonus offer. This is unlike any app bonus you have seen before because you can choose the exact WordPress plugin you need to compliment your recent purchase. There are over 3,000 to choose from so you will definitely find something of value to you.

Note: If you don't want a WordPress plugin – leave a comment below and we will be in touch regarding a bonus you will love.

N.B. To qualify for a bonus it is recommended to right click links on this page & open in a new private/incognito window.


Click here to buy OptinMonster.

Then visit this page to claim your bonus.

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