How to find the best lifetime deals

How to find the best lifetime deals

These 6 steps will help you find the best lifetime deals for your business and how to spot and avoid all the LTD lemons in the wild.

Your software subscriptions can be expensive and hard to manage, but you don't have to worry about that anymore! We've created a toolset that will make you an expert at finding the best lifetime deals and avoiding the lemons. So get ready for this ultimate Bootstrapper experience: we'll show you how it's done!

But have you ever thought about...


Lifetime Deals and wondered...

If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

A lot of people throw lifetime deals into this category.

They rightly argue that if they only have to pay a one-time fee for lifetime product updates and support then someone is clearly getting the raw end of the deal. They go on to say that any reputable company has ongoing staff and overheads to pay so this lifetime deal they are offering proves they are a fly by night company who will run with my money.

Now let's be honest

Some companies that offer lifetime deals do go belly up!

However, the admittedly short history of lifetime deals has shown that more companies are succeeding after launching a lifetime deal from the initial cash injection and social media buzz it creates.

Such a situation won't last forever though because the tide is turning and more SaaS softwares will fail over the next few years because of the sheer numbers launching. This is one of the reasons why this website exists to help Bootstrappers like yourself find lifetime deals with excellent ratings so your next online tool purchase is a winner.

So in this article, we are going to be discussing some checkpoints that you can use to find the best lifetime deals for your use case. We are going to cover everything from due diligence, questions and social media checks amongst other things. But before we do a little primer on how the whole lifetime deals space works will put to rest any remaining naysayers.

How do lifetime software deals work?

The best way to think of lifetime software deals is that they are simply another capital funding source for startups.

Instead of the typical Silicon Valley goal of getting venture capital, these companies have decided to offer a small group of early adopters preferential pricing. They then use this money to invest back into their business in the form of new product features and hiring more talent.

It's a classic win-win!

What to say to the latest deals sceptics

There will always be the sceptic who immediately dismisses this funding model as a complete joke!

They just need to be gently reminded that a lifetime deal is not ongoing. It is a reward for early adopters and never lasts too long before the company is established and new users pay a regular monthly or annual fee.

The sceptic might also be thinking that...

Surely these companies can't survive on so little?

And to answer that it's remarkable how low software pricing can be to create a tech unicorn πŸ¦„.

Two examples come to mind:

  • Elementor charges $49 per year and now has over 250 employees and a fresh 15M funding round.
  • Notion charges $48 per year and is one of the darlings of the "Tech Scene" with $68M+ in funding.

Above figures courtesy of Crunchbase and are current as of September 2021.

Now what makes the above examples even more incredible is that they both offer premium quality services to their freemium members. In fact, many WordPress web designers can simply use the free page builder version of Elementor and for productivity tools, many get by on the free plan of Notion.

These two titans provide incredibly useful software for free and when their users are ready to upgrade they charge less than $50 per year.

So I'm sure you will now agree that a company charging a one flat fee rate doesn't sound too crazy anymore as it's simply a reward for early adopters.

So in summary the main perks of the best software deals for business entrepreneurs include.

  • They are a win-win for buyers and sellers (Buyers get a great deal and sellers get an immediate cash injection)
  • They are excellent for lead generation as an upsell to higher tier plans
  • They create massive social media buzz and good-will
  • They attract customers who are eager to provide valuable feedback and feature suggestions
  • These type of software deals reduce the need for external funding and investors

As great as all of this is, not all apps are created equal and there are many stories of people who lost out on a lifetime software deal.

So here are a few tips to avoid joining their ranks.


How to find quality lifetime software deals?  ‍

With so many options available, it can be difficult to find lifetime deals that are the best SaaS tools for your business.

The good news is that with a little common sense you can avoid wasting time and money on lemons πŸ‹ and greatly increase your chances of investing in the next Tech Unicorn πŸ¦„ at a rock bottom price.

So without further adieu let's jump straight in with question #1 you need to ask.

1. Do you really need lifetime access?

This is Numero Uno!

It seems obvious but we do crazy things under pressure and when it comes to software there is a real element of FOMO. As you are reading the sales page for these hottest deals from the latest and greatest upcoming Tech Unicorn you feel compelled to press that buy now button just in case. Β 

So before you press "BUY" take a mental breather and count to 10 and ask yourself,

  • ‍"Am I going to use this software this week, within a month or sometime this year?"‍
  • If the answer is - sometime this year, you need another 5 minutes to answer why you are even thinking about parting with your money if you won't immediately use the app?

Now the hard truth when it comes to these types of exceptional savings, is that a time will come when you do succumb and buy apps you don't really need. If you need any convincing think of Black Friday madness for hard evidence of how crazy strong the pull to save can be.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Most lifetime deals have some form of guarantee and any lifetime deals marketplace like AppSumo will give you this grace period - typically between 30-60 days.

So set a reminder on your calendar for at least 1 day before the refund period expires and set an obnoxious alarm to go off to really get your attention too. Alternatively, you can use

When that alarm goes off the logic is dead simple, if you haven't used the software within the 30-60 days that have passed then go ahead and press that refund button and use that money for the next lifetime deal you will actually use soon.

What if you change your mind after the deal ends?

If you find yourself having a massive "I want what I cannot have" moment after refunding you unbelievably still might have options.

  • The deal could be listed on another lifetime deal marketplace (Google the app name + lifetime deal)
  • More risky: There is bound to be people who you could buy a code from. These types of (Facebook groups typically) are popping up more frequently which allow you to buy an unredeemed code from others.

But to be clear this is a last resort action because you can get caught out for example if the redemption period for the code has expired or simply just dealing with dishonest people online. Once you pay the usually marked up price - you won't get that money back.

So again not our recommendation but still an option if you find yourself hesitating on hitting the refund button the day before it's about to expire.

Now let's talk about the next question to ask yourself before buying lifetime access to an app.

2. Does the app reinvent the wheel? Β 

When it comes to lifetime deals you have to be careful with trailblazers who are creating a completely new category of software.

Reinventing the wheel is infinitely more complex than refining it.

So with this in mind, you want to find lifetime deals that are inspired by bigger companies in the space because you know there is a proven roadmap for success that they can base their journey on.

Sure, in the beginning, the only competitive advantage this company may have is their pricing but as more people invest in the lifetime deal and their cash reserves go up they will continue to refine their product offering to be more competitive with the bigger players.


Useful Software Example

As I type this a noteworthy example of Infinity Projects comes to mind who just this week launched their automation feature which is a huge release for them. This much requested finally puts their app in direct competition to the behemoth in their space - Airtable who charge at least $10-$20 per month per user for many of the same features you can now get with Infinity Projects who are still offering a lifetime deal for $149 as I type this.

So moral of the story - look for repeatable success when it comes to companies offering lifetime deals. If there is a massive player in the space already it's not a bad thing to have a repeatable path forward to replicate.

3. Does the lifetime deal have a roadmap?

We were just talking about repeatable road maps and having a proven path forward so with this in mind the best lifetime deals have a roadmap and know where they are going in the future.

They are in it for the long haul and have a plan for how they intend to use the cash injection this lifetime deal represents.

This point cannot be repeated enough and in fact, is a major red flag if they cannot provide one to you when you ask.

Most founders have realized the importance of this so immediately offer a link on the deal page to their roadmap for potential buyers to see. But if one is not immediately visible make sure to ask the founder about it and see their response.

This may require a bit of a gut feeling on your end as to your final decision but its good to know you have the money-back period to act as a further safety net if you get it wrong.

4. What's included in the lifetime license?

It is important to closely look at all options available to you as many lifetime deals have tiers for example this one from Dealify.


Is this a lousy software sale?

This particular company offers an AI-powered content generation platform and have a number of lifetime software deal tiers based mainly on the amount of content you intend to create.

If you know that you are only producing 1 article per week for your blog then the basic $69 tier for 15 projects is enough.

However, if you are running an agency and have a number of client writing projects then even the higher tier $179 plan may not be enough for you and you may have to look at alternative companies.

This leads nicely to the next question.

5. Are there better lifetime deals?

Sometimes the better lifetime deal will not be the one advertised as a lifetime deal. At the end of the day it's about total cost of ownership.

Sure the lifetime deal you are considering might look like a fantastic deal but what if you go over the usage limits for your tier? How much are the monthly fees going to cost?

If that is not immediately clear in the deal terms this is definitely a question you will want to ask.

What's the point of paying $149 for a lifetime deal that includes 5,000 visitors per month to your website for example and then charges you $25 per month for another 5,000 visitors when another app has unlimited traffic for $20 per month?

You will have to really like something else about the lifetime deal app (like its ease of use) to justify the purchase.

Finding alternatives

So before buying any lifetime subscriptions use the Google search engine to find alternatives and the Bootstrapps store (as it has the largest collection of deals) and take note of their pricing. Then ask the question to see how much the lifetime deal you are considering costs if you go over the usage limit.

This is where software deals can quickly become expensive so make sure to do this double-check before asking this next question.

6. How active is the company?

The first thing you want to see is that the founder of the company is active in the chat and comments area for the deal. Usually, the first comment is always from the founder or someone working at the company introducing their app to the community. Here is an example of RankTracker founder Felix Rose-Collins introducing their app to buyers.

An introduction is great but how receptive is the founder or their team to follow-up questions. If the intro is the last time you hear anything from them that is a HUGE red flag. If they can't even respond before getting your money, how do you think they will be when you run into your first post-sale question or feature request?

Food for thought...

Another place to watch is social media.


The Social Media Check

How active are they on Facebook and Twitter? You want to see updates talking about exciting milestones being achieved and new feature releases. If you don't immediately see it on there do a Google search their online presence and to find their website news or blog to see if they are at least actively posting there about developments.

If all you find is radio silence then that is a major red flag and probably a company you want to avoid or at least give a hesitant try out with the full intention of refunding soon if their app is not up to par.

Congratulations you now have completed the most important pre-sale steps!

Now let's move onto the best sources to find the deals.

Where to find the best Lifetime Deals


First and foremost - by acting as both a deals aggregator and a venue for exclusive lifetime deals you are getting the best of both worlds. We showcase the latest deals from all the best sources but we also have the biggest range of community lifetime deals through both the waitlist and the Bootstrapps Store.

Make sure to signup as a member (bottom of page )to get an exclusive coupon code and cash-back rebates from the store.



As the original main player in this space, the quality of their deals is still consistently high and always worth a look. They also have a number of exclusive promotions for Plus Members and during the Black Friday sale season.



Dealify have proven to be a reputable player in the space. With high-quality apps and excellent customer support, many lifetime websites could learn a thing or two from how Dealify does business. They deserve all the success and high user ratings they have gained over the last few years.

The company themselves

More companies than ever are offering lifetime deals on their own websites for example Infinity Projects mentioned earlier. A Google search will help you find them and will also show you whether a lifetime deal marketplace has negotiated an even better deal which does happen.


There are a few other places to keep an eye on:

You will find a few golden deal software discounts if you go panning for them:

Apart from these lifetime deals sites listed will find other outlets offering significant discounts but you definitely want to double-check how reliable they are especially in processing refunds on software deals if you buy a dud.


When is the best time to find lifetime deals?

For us, this is a no-brainer.

Black Friday!

All the lifetime deal marketplaces do something special for Black Friday and even companies that are not using the lifetime deal sites like AppSumo offer a coupon code that often works on their lifetime deal price.

It's a great time but also a dangerous one as the FOMO effect highlighted earlier is even more powerful, so make sure to take that mental breather before pressing buy.

But with this in mind, every year we publish a list of the latest deals for Black Friday with many exclusive deals. You will find this list of SaaS lifetime deals and WordPress plugins for Black Friday below.

The Best Black Friday Deals

(Please note if you are clicking before Black Friday it will say Featured Software Deals)


One last tip for the best lifetime deals

The Bootstrapps website has made the process of finding the best lifetime deals a little bit easier for you. First off we only feature top-rated apps from the leading marketplaces and we always publish a global rating score to help you determine the quality of the app.

But the main takeaway before you leave today is to join our waitlist initiative.

The waitlist for lifetime deals software

The waitlist initiative is exclusively reserved for Bootstrapps members.

The waitlist allows members to vote on apps that don't currently have a lifetime deal and acts as a pledge of support to sellers of their app(s). The more votes their app has the more likely they are to give a lifetime deal to their app.

This goes back to the beginning of this article where we spoke about the main benefit a lifetime deal has for sellers is that immediate cash injection. By limiting the waitlist to Bootstrapps members only it ensures a higher quality of leads for the seller and makes them more willing to offer our members a special deal which typically will look as follows:

  • An exclusive coupon code (common)
  • A reduced lifetime deal price (for example 20% off the yearly fee for life)
  • A one-time lifetime deal (the ultimate win for members)

So before you leave today - sign up as a member and add apps to your waitlist to be part of a significant discount software sale in the future.



There are so many benefits to lifetime deals for both sellers and buyers.

However the biggest has to be the immense satisfaction you get from picking a winner that is yours for life! We at Bootstrapps have been blessed to experience this feeling on multiple occasions so we designed this article to help you get these WINS on a regular basis too.

But as we have learnt, the process of finding the best lifetime deals does require a bit of planning and making sure to look at other lifetime subscription deals to make sure that we are not being pulled in by the hype and are making a wise software investment into our business.

What now? Go to our homepage to find the best lifetime deals on top-rated online tools and make sure to use the filters to fine-tune your search.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.