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GDPR Modules

WordPress GDPR & CCPA - 1


Demo VideoHow to Setup

GDPR Features

  • Forget Me
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Request Data Archive
  • Cookie Popup
  • Contact DPO
  • Newsletter Unsubscribe
  • Privacy Policy Update Emails
  • DMCA
  • Imprint
  • Media Credits
  • Data Rectification
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Mailster
    • BuddyPress
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Hot Jar
    • Contact Form 7
    • Flamingo DB
    • Custom Integrations
  • Well Documentented


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Redux Framework


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • WPML
  • WooCommerce 3+


- FIX:    Body script not loaded when service was set to enable by default

- NEW:    Usability improvements (switched buttons and colors)

- FIX:    Pages not selectable in admin panel

- NEW:    Performance increase in admin panel through AJAX loading

- NEW:    WPML suppress filters
- NEW:    Improved admin panel
- FIX:    Updated Bot Regular expression to avoid cumultative layout shift issue
View post on imgur.com
%MINIFYHTML9834345f181ff68f8801804d34046bcd14%====== 1.9.2 ====== - NEW: Renamed GDPR Users to Consent Log - NEW: Moved consent log to GDPR menu as subitem ====== 1.9.1 ====== - FIX: Transient clear when plugin activated - FIX: Get posts instead of get pages function - FIX: Popup issue when oriental smarthpoen & close icon issue CSS fix - FIX: Transient cleared when new page created / pages installed ====== 1.9.0 ====== - NEW: Improved Plugin page speed significantly - FIX: Compatible with latest WP and Woo ====== 1.8.11 ====== - FIX: Mobile privacy settings improvements ====== 1.8.10 ====== - FIX: Acceptance text fix ====== 1.8.9 ====== - FIX: Added terms acceptance string to translations - FIX: Updated POT file ====== 1.8.8 ====== - FIX: Added alt tag to GDPR popup logo image - FIX: setcookie() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given ====== 1.8.7 ====== - FIX: GEO Ip service issue ====== 1.8.6 ====== -FIX: Font Awesome 5.8.1 Privacy Policy Icon ====== 1.8.5 ====== - FIX: Upgraded font awesome to 5.8.1 - FIX: Replaced font awesome "external-link" with "external-link-alt" - FIX: Removed the option to disable a service by default, because all services are disabled by default - FIX: Enabled by default has overwritten ====== 1.8.4 ====== - NEW: Refreshing page does not allow all cookies when using the Allow all Cookies for users continue visiting your site function ====== 1.8.3 ====== - FIX: More checks for JS get_current_page_id function ====== 1.8.2 ====== - FIX: Removed depr console log - FIX: Added a exist check to get_current_page_id function in JS ====== 1.8.1 ====== - NEW: For each service you can enable or disable it by default ====== 1.8.0 ====== - NEW: Allow all cookies when user continues website General > Allow all Cookies for users continue visiting your site ====== 1.7.2 ====== - FIX: Duplicate tags when first time allowed and user clicked on accept all ====== 1.7.1 ====== - FIX: DMCA page missing from WPML keys ====== 1.7.0 ====== - NEW: Font Awesome 5 Support (see general options) - NEW: Improved the Live Checkbox Service Loading process - FIX: Switching a checkbox in privacy settings still opens up the cookie popup on next page ====== 1.6.8 ====== - NEW: Privacy Policy acceptance saved to auto enable checkbox on Buddypress, Review and Comment forms - NEW: AJAX saving privcay policy accept on comment form and live alert if not checked ====== 1.6.7 ====== - FIX: Data Rectification Page not in WPML keys ====== 1.6.6 ====== - NEW: Better notification when no services / service categories have been created ====== 1.6.5 ====== - FIX: !!Important!! Replaced geoip service with https://ip.nf/me.jso - FIX: Undefinied index action in admin.php ====== 1.6.4 ====== - NEW: Allow First time Cookies now keeps the popup beeing displayed All services gets loaded and activated - FIX: Removed Target Blank from Privacy Settings Popup - FIX: Wrong links in the privacy center if shortcode & popup enabled - FIX: Updated POT File ====== 1.6.3 ====== - NEW: Gravity Forms now also do not store the IP - FIX: Flamingo DB integration deprecated, version 5.0.3 adds a new option for consent storage, please see here: https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/cf7/ ====== 1.6.2 ====== - FIX: Performance increase by 300% ====== 1.6.1 ====== - FIX: Privacy popup / shortcode not selectable in backend options ====== 1.6.0 ====== - NEW: Brought back the [[wordpress_gdpr_privacy_settings]] shortcode See settings > Privacy Settings > Use shortcode ====== 1.5.16 ====== - FIX: Responsive CSS options - FIX: Services not set when privacy settings disabled - FIX: Options panel setting parameters ====== 1.5.15 ====== - FIX: Performance Improvements - FIX: Undefined offset in admin class ====== 1.5.14 ====== - FIX: Polylang support fot ctp & taxonomies - FIX: Undefined Offset 5 in Admin Class ====== 1.5.13 ====== - FIX: Data Rectification could not be sent when Use Wp Core function activated - FIX: PHP Notice in admin file ====== 1.5.12 ====== - FIX: Performance caching - FIX: WPML Issue ====== 1.5.11 ====== - FIX: Performance Increase for AJAX calls for sites with many pages ====== 1.5.10 ====== - FIX: Service Categories order by Filter Query ====== 1.5.9 ====== - FIX: Duplicate scripts when User outside of EU & IP Setting enabled ====== 1.5.8 ====== - FIX: Comment submit button removed when comments integration disabled - FIX: Service categories not reorderable ====== 1.5.7 ====== - NEW: Cookie Whitelist for removal only allowed cookies (see expert > Cookie Whitelist) - NEW: Video About GDPR Services: - FIX: Service Category term order only affect service category taxonomy ====== 1.5.6 ====== - FIX: PHP Notice when cookies array empty - FIX: First time cookie allowance not working for Pixelyoursite ====== 1.5.5 ====== - FIX: PHP Notice when cookies array empty ====== 1.5.4 ====== - NEW: Added multiple necessary cookies to default check - FIX: Privacy settings not shoing when cookie popup disabled ====== 1.5.3 ====== - NEW: Updated Video containing all Features: - FIX: Exclude Pages for Cookie Popup not working - FIX: Removed Privacy Settings from Center if disabled - FIX: Brought back the Users menu ====== 1.5.2 ====== - FIX: Service Button Colors were revised versa - FIX: Updated POT file ====== 1.5.1 ====== - NEW: Styling Options: - Cookie Popup Accept Link & Background Color - Cookie Popup Decline Link & Background Color - Privacy Settings Agree Link & Background Color - Privacy Settings Decline Link & Background Color - NEW: Moved all Backend Menus (like Settings, Requests & Services) into ONE "GDPR"-Menu - NEW: Option to show Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Privacy Center in Privacy Settings Menu - NEW: After Clicking Accept / Decline all Services, Privacy Settings Modal will Close - FIX: Links in Cookie Popup now displayed inline - FIX: Removed the Border Radius from Buttons by Default ====== ====== - FIX: Important Cookie Service Management update - FIX: Updated GR Translations Thanks to Thomas Davliakos - FIX: Updated ES Translations Thanks to Henry Alcaly ====== ====== - FIX: Fix one bug, bigger bug pops up ...
View post on imgur.com
%MINIFYHTML9834345f181ff68f8801804d34046bcd15%- FIX: Checkboxes style does not get overwritten by themes ====== ====== - NEW: When no service categories / services created popup does not work Either remove Trigger & Disable popup OR create services - FIX: Added Quform to Service Migration (Button) - FIX: Quform cookie could not be set ====== ====== - FIX: JS Issue - FIX: PHP Notices when no services created ====== 1.5.0 ====== - NEW: Interactive Privacy Settings Modal !! Important !! Watch the following Video for new features & how to migrate: Quick Migration: 1. Update Plugin 2. Go to Settings > General > Click on Migrate Services 3. Check Migrated Services !! Important !! - NEW: Migrate old Integrations to GDPR Services - NEW: Own GDPR Services Post type - Service Name (e.g. Analytics) - Description (e.g. Reason) - Code for Head and Body - Code for Head and Body - NEW: Added template content for Pages when clicking on install pages: - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy - Terms & Conditions - NEW: Completly rewritten public code - FIX: Improved Cookie Deleting - FIX: Performance Increase - DEPRECATED: privacy_settings shortcode ====== 1.5.0-beta3 ====== - NEW: Added Service Category Description - FIX: Privacy Settings Modal CSS issue - FIX: Categories not editable ====== 1.5.0-beta2 ====== - NEW: Accept / decline all Cookie Services - NEW: Migrate Button automatically assigns Services to Categories now - FIX: Multiple Bug fixes ====== 1.5.0-beta1 ====== - FIX: Privacy Popup could not be opened again - FIX: Cookie Length of 4000 was reached - FIX: Migrate Services not working because of permission ====== ====== - FIX: Autoptimize issue - FIX: After decline cookies turn back on issue ====== ====== !IMPORTANT - FIX: Fixes an JS error in 1.4.0 - update important! ====== 1.4.0 ====== - NEW: Privacy Policy Acceptance See Privacy Policy > Show Accept Checkbox - NEW: Terms & Conditions Acceptance See Terms & Conditions > Show Accept Checkbox - NEW: Popup Close icon can now be styled - NEW: Do not show Popup for Robots / Crawlers ====== 1.3.10 ====== - NEW: Video explaining Integrations - FIX: Yes / No Translations - FIX: Request Status ====== 1.3.9 ====== - FIX: Issue on Multisite Activation - FIX: WPML string translation issue ====== 1.3.8 ====== - FIX: Privacy Center Text has an own CSS Class - FIX: Missing Translation strings - FIX: Privacy Settings Popup now also gets hidden for non EU users where style was set to overlay - FIX: Updated POT ====== 1.3.7 ====== - NEW: Video how to setup our plugin: - FIX: Install pages redirect - FIX: Updated POT File ====== 1.3.6 ====== - FIX: Issue 500 with certain wp installations ====== 1.3.5 ====== - NEW: PixelYourSite now fully supported if Facebook Integration enabled - FIX: Performance & Stable issue - FIX: Redux Framework check now by Class (if your theme already has it, you do not need to install it again) ====== 1.3.4 ====== - NEW: Media Credits Page - NEW: Added Media Credits & Data Recitifcation to install pages - FIX: Updated POT - FIX: Updated DE Translations ====== 1.3.3 ====== - NEW: Added Data Rectification - NEW: Added regular expression check for allowed cookies Make sure you add the following custom Cookies to your options: "wordpress_test_cookie,wordpress_logged_in_,wordpress_sec" - FIX: Pixelyoursite Hook does not get correct Cookies (whyever) We now use general _ga cookie to see if tracking cookies are allowed ====== 1.3.2 ====== - NEW: Option to exclude pages for the popup appear - NEW: Improved Polylang Support - FIX: Privacy Settings Modal Flyout option not visible in admin panel - FIX: Responsive overlay fix Thanks to ahumadomayte - FIX: User check ====== 1.3.1 ====== - FIX: Reponsive Overlay fix - FIX: Added Z-Index to Privacy Popup when on bottom - FIX: CSS Classes ====== 1.3.0 ====== - NEW: Faster & More Secure Cookie Checks - NEW: Option to add custom technical allowed cookies This will be shown as technical required cookies in privacy settings See general Settings > Custom Allowed Cookies - NEW: Overlay Popup Style (Popup will be centered and background grey) See Popup > Popup Style > Overlay - NEW: Privacy Settings Popup can now be used even with Cookie Popup on Top ====== 1.2.10 ====== - FIX: Performance Update ====== 1.2.9 ====== - FIX: Removed last margin on privacy center items - FIX: Updated missing translations & POT File (po file needs to be synced) - FIX: Emails for data breach & updated policy now use Single recipients headers ====== 1.2.8 ====== - NEW: You can now automatically create all Pages See Settings > General - NEW: Create all Pages automatically - NEW: Splitted one Checkbox for WooCommerce Acceptances into two: One for Checkout One for Register Account - NEW: Added span element to text after checkboxes - FIX: Forget me button not displayed when checkbox active - FIX: WooCommerce Registration checkbox hook changed to woocommerce_register_form - FIX: Last logged in time in readable format - FIX: Popup settings not saved when cookies accepted / declined - FIX: Privacy center item not removed when disabled (only by empty page) - FIX: Updated Translations ====== 1.2.7 ====== - NEW: You can now add as many custom integrations as you want See Settings > Integrations > Custom Integrations (at the bottom) FAQ: https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/custom-integrations/ - FIX: PHP notice after send export - FIX: Responsive issues on Mobile - FIX: Updates Translation POT file ====== 1.2.6 ====== - NEW: Added an option to allow all cookies for first time users Many big companies do this even after GDPR - lawyers are not 100% sure if this compliant - but this allows you to track Analytics for example until user explicitly opted out - NEW: Added DMCA Page See Settings > DMCA - FIX: PHP notice ====== 1.2.5 ====== - NEW: Option to use GEO IP to show popup only to EU citizens See Settings > Expert - NEW: Filter for privacy center items: apply_filters('wordpress_gdpr_privacy_center_items', $privacyCenterItems); -> With this you can change icons, move items on the privacy center page - FIX: Privacy Modal in Popup only possible if bar on bottom - FIX: Accept all triggers a click change event now ====== 1.2.4 ====== - NEW: Privacy Settings Popup Menu See on our Demo Website at bottom right This can be enabled in Popup > Show Privacy Settings Modal - NEW: Added a Data Retention User data can be deleted automatically after X days when user has not logged in. You can check last logged in "GDPR Requests" > Users - NEW: Cookie Consent Log for Logged in Users This shows you which users has accepted what cookies See GDPR Requests > Users - NEW: Filters: wordpress_gdpr_privacy_settings - NEW: Actions: wordpress_gdpr_allow_cookies wordpress_gdpr_decline_cookies wordpress_gdpr_update_cookie - FIX: Added Page Options to WPML Keys ====== 1.2.3 ====== - NEW: Inform when no user data found (e.g. after deletion) - FIX: After forget me clicked, request status did not changed - FIX: User data send not correct email for "email"-only requests - FIX: Flamingo records deltetion - FIX: Updated ALL translation files and POT ====== 1.2.2 ====== - FIX: PHP Notice - FIX: Updated IT Translations ====== 1.2.1 ====== - NEW: Updated german translations Thanks to Frank Rausch - NEW: Moved Whitelist option to a new "expert"-Section - NEW: Updated Slovakian Translations - FIX: Removed a small PHP notice causing JS issues - FIX: Removed Custom CSS Section (this belongs to your theme) ====== 1.2.0 ====== - NEW: We revamped the AJAX Cookie Allowance check Instead of multiple AJAX calls it now only calls one - NEW: If requests allowed without user exist check Data (Form entries, Comments, Orders) can now be removed by Email - NEW: Added Gravity Forms support for Export & Deletion - NEW: Option to use a Cookie Whitelist Read more: https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/cookie-whitelist/ - NEW: Added Romanian Translations Big Thanks to Leo Diaconu - NEW: Added Swedish Translations Big Thanks to Mikael Svensson - NEW: Update IT Translations THANKS to DDS Lab di Diego Gianluigi Di Salvo - NEW: Delete Quform entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Delete Gravity Form entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Delete FlamingoDB entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Delete Formidable entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Export Quform entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Export Gravity Form entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Export FlamingoDB entries by Email or User ID - NEW: Export Formidable entries by Email or User ID - FIX: Updated POT File - FIX: Code Refracturing - FIX: Updated WPML Keys ====== 1.1.6 ====== - NEW: Added Support for pixelyoursite.com If Facebook Integration not allowed our plugin sets "pys_disable_by_gdpr" Filter to true - NEW: Added Entry export of Formidable & Quform entries - NEW: Removed Settings to remove Formidable & Quform entries to Integration Settings Section. MAKE sure you reenable settings there. - FIX: Updated Cookies for deletion of all services - FIX: Added Multiple Delete Cookie Functions - FIX: Updated Flamingo Enabled Check ====== 1.1.5 ====== - NEW: Genernal > Domain text option. For GA cookies to be stopped / allowed you need to pass your domain you set in GA there. E.g. ".db-dzine.com" - NEW: When click on accepted or declines the checkboxes will be checked / unchecked without page refreshing - NEW: Formidable support Forget me requests can now also delete formidable entries See Settings > Forget Me > Formidable ====== 1.1.4 ====== - FIX: Adsense Ads will not be removed when no consent given ====== 1.1.3 ====== - NEW: Added Support for Adsense - NEW: Quform data can now be deleted - NEW: Added more option in Forget me options about what will be deleted - FIX: Updated NL Translations Big Thanks to JP Hoey ====== 1.1.2 ====== - NEW: Added Piwik Integration - NEW: Added Slovakian Translation - NEW: Added an option to enable Mailster checkbox only This way you can use disable our Checkbox for Mailters, but still use the unsubscribe link - NEW: Added an option to export data as HTML instead of JSON - FIX: Updated POT File (Translations) ====== 1.1.1 ====== - NEW: When mailster integration enabled the privacy center link to Unsubscribe directly links to mailster unsubscribe page - FIX: Cookie policy in Popup not shown ====== 1.1.0 ====== - NEW: Added Support for WP 4.9.6 Some comment & info about WP 4.9.6 & GDPR: https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/wordpress-4-9-6-gdpr/ - NEW: Added an option to allow all cookies when a user is logged in - FIX: Call to undefined function wp_delete_user - FIX: Testing WP 4.9.6 - FIX: Updated Slovenian Translations - FIX: Moved Settings to an own Menu item for 4.9.6 compatibility ====== 1.0.10 ====== - NEW: Added Hungarian Translations - NEW: Added Tag Manger Body Tag option (need for browsers with JS disallowed) - FIX: Fixed an issue with non closing a tag ====== 1.0.9 ====== - NEW: Added Recaptcha Option See settings > General - NEW: Added Slowenian Translations - NEW: Added FAQ for Quforms https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/quform/ - FIX: Fixed an issue where Privacy Center was no more available when WooCommerce integration activated ====== 1.0.8 ====== - FIX: Small Misspelling issue - FIX: Updates Translation Template ====== 1.0.7 ====== - NEW: Added Flamingo DB Support https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/cf7/ - NEW: Added Mailster Support https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/faq/mailster/ - NEW: Added WooCommerce to Privacy Settings explaining that 2 cookies are neccessary for order processing - NEW: Integrations Tutorials: https://welaunch.io/plugins/wordpress-gdpr/documentation/topics/integrations/ - NEW: Filter for Neccessary Cookies: wordpress_gdpr_necessary_cookies - FIX: Updated Translations template ====== 1.0.6 ====== - NEW: Added Facebook Pixel Code Support - FIX: If options disabled still show settings ====== 1.0.5 ====== - NEW: Send out Privacy Policy Update Emails Settings > Privacy Policy Update - NEW: Decline Cookies in Popup This will be saved in a cookie - NEW: Added Privacy Settings to popup - NEW: Requests can be created even when user does not exists in WP. This allows offline or other systems data to send manually. Settings > FORM > Disable User Exist Check - NEW: Added a manually done button to requests - FIX: Adjusted all Popup Texts Reset this section in plugin settings - FIX: Moved Data Breach Email button to settings page - FIX: Added Redirect after Action was taken ====== 1.0.4 ====== - NEW: Added BuddyPress Support - NEW: Added Cloudflare Support ====== 1.0.3 ====== - NEW: Close Cookie Popup Button - NEW: If logged in as admin -> cookies allowed This prevents logged out loop - NEW: Redux Framework Cookie blocked ====== 1.0.2 ====== - NEW: Added Disclaimer Page - NEW: Added Terms and Conditions Page - FIX: Integrations will be accepted when cookies allowed - FIX: Updated Translations ====== 1.0.1 ====== - NEW: Added Imprint Page (necessary for Germany) - NEW: Added Machine Translations: de_DE da_DK fr_FR it_IT nl_NL pl_PL pt_PT es_ES - FIX: WPML Keys - FIX: Ajax check only if enabled in admin panel ====== 1.0.0 ====== - Inital release


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My name is Paul Therond and I’m the founder of Bootstrapps where every app you buy gets a bonus WordPress plugin of your choice.

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  • We pay special attention to performance when reviewing products and you will see our thoughts in the “Expert Notes” section

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