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Vimuse Review

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Get a bonus WordPress plugin with your purchase of Vimuse


jQuery plugin version available here

Layers extension version available here

Vimuse HTML5 Media Player is a WordPress plugin that allows you to play both audio and video in a modern and sleek interface. You can choose to play your own audio/video files or videos from Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion or even Shoutcast/Icecast streams. The player features a fluid responsive design and can fit in any screen size ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers. The player is also optimized for retina and touch screens and provides the feel of a native app.

Vimuse plays audio/video using HTML5 in supported browsers and fallbacks to Flash in older browsers. You can pass only a mp4 file for video and mp3 file for audio or pass all the necessary formats for the widest possible support of native HTML5 playback. Whatever you choose to do the player will work in both modern and old browsers (with suitable fallbacks where necessary).

The key features are:

  • Play video and audio files.
  • HTML5 playback with Flash/Silverlight fallback.
  • Create your playlist by adding your own files/items or through Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion feeds.
  • All files are uploaded through the WordPress Media Library, which allows you to use pre-existing files from the library.
  • Special layout for audio-only mode.
  • Pull videos from Youtube user, playlist or search query.
  • Pull videos from Vimeo user, album or channel.
  • Pull videos from Dailymotion user, group, playlist or channel.
  • Show subtitles for videos (only for video files).
  • Show postroll content for videos (only for video files).
  • Play Shoutcast/Icecast streams and show track info and cover-art.
  • Extract audio info from ID3 tags – cover, track, artist, album.
  • Several layout options.
  • Mobile, retina and touch screen optimized
  • The player features a fluid responsive design to account for various screens sizes ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers and can also be placed in a container of any width.
  • Two colour schemes – Dark and Light.
  • Can clone existing player instances.

Configurable options are:

  • Playlist can either comprise of both audio and video or can only contain audio with a corresponding special layout for the main player area.
  • Option to have autoplay of media.
  • Option to start autoplay only when the user manually starts playback after the player loads.
  • Can set the volume during initialization (or change later with player API).
  • Option to turn on playlist shuffle when the player loads.
  • Option to set the starting language for subtitles.
  • Option to show/hide the playlist when the player loads.
  • Choose to have auto-progression of playlist as each media finishes playing.
  • Option to show links to external pages in the playlist.
  • Can choose to open the external page links in new windows/tabs.
  • Option to show links for purchase pages of items in the playlist.
  • Can choose to open the purchase page links in new windows/tabs.
  • Option to show download links to media files.
  • Option to provide lyrics for audio items whose download links are shown in the playlist.
  • Option to show file-type icons (audio, video, radio) in the playlist.
  • Can choose to show delete buttons in the playlist.
  • Option to show item durations in the playlist.
  • Can make the playlist sortable.
  • Can choose to stop playback when the tab/window in which the player is embedded loses focus. This feature only works in browsers that support the HTML5 Page Visibility API.
  • The playlist can be at the bottom, left or right of the main player.
  • If the playlist position is set to “bottom” then option to set a max-height for it or just let it have auto-height.
  • Option to show thumbnails for the media in the playlist.
  • Can choose to show audio item details, such as cover-art, track, artist, album, in the main player area when “audio-only” mode is chosen.
  • Option to show cover-art when audio-only mode is chosen.
  • Option to show track details in audio-only mode.
  • Can choose to show the auxiliary control-bar beneath the main player.
  • Option to fix the main player at the top when scrolling the playlist. This option is only effective when the “bottom” playlist position is chosen.
  • Option to extract information from mp3 id3 tags, such as cover-art, track, album, artist, duration. You can also of course provide all or part of this information yourself.
  • Option to pull cover-art for the currently playing track in a Shoutcast/Icecast stream.
  • Can set the polling interval during which the track information for a Shoutcast/Icecast stream will be refreshed.
  • A playlist caching option is provided. This is very useful when pulling videos from Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion or extracting ID3 info because the entire generated playlist is stored in the cache thus resulting in substantially faster loading of the player. Can also mention the interval after which the cache will be refreshed.
  • Option to detect mobile devices, so that they can be served special low resolution videos. The low resolution video file has to be supplied by you.
  • Can specify the source from which Youtube videos will be pulled (user, playlist or search query). Option to also specify the number of videos that are to be pulled.
  • Can specify the source from which Vimeo videos will be pulled (user, album or channel). Option to also specify the number of videos that are to be pulled.
  • Can specify the source from which Dailymotion videos will be pulled (user, group, playlist or channel). Option to also specify the number of videos that are to be pulled.

Special Notes

  • Autoplay option will not work in mobile devices. This is disabled by device manufactures.
  • Only mp3 streams for Shoutcast and Icecast are supported. aacp streams are not supported.
  • Player volume setting will not show up or work in Android devices. You have to control the volume through the device's own volume buttons.
  • Also some of the modern HTML5 features such as Fullscreen and Page Visibility will only work in modern browsers.
  • The plugin uses Youtube API v3 for which you need to get an API key from Youtube.
  • The player script has been tested and is fully compatible with jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2.0+ and also jQuery 3.0+.
  • If you have any query regarding any feature of the player before purchasing then please post your query in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Vimuse WP reviews


Version 3.5.1 (16 May, 2017)
• Fixed the issue of audio files not playing in Chrome.
• Fixed an issue with Youtube fullscreen mode.
Version 3.5 (7 November, 2016)
• Allow the player shortcode to work properly when inserted inside a widget.
Version 3.4.2 (25 August, 2016)
• Fixed an issue with the playlist progression of Youtube items in mobile devices. 
• Fixed the saving of "Show track info" setting.
• MediaElements.js XSS fix.
Version 3.4.1 (21 February, 2016)
• Fixed a problem with the playback of Flash Youtube videos in Firefox.
Version 3.4 (1 January 2016)
• Added option to show/hide the player overlay containing the title of the current item.
• Added option to reverse the playlist items' order.
• Fixed a video resizing issue after the video exited from fullscreen.
• Removed min-width restriction of the player container.
• Modified the fix for preventing radio stream caching.
• Improved the scrolling behaviour of playlist when selecting new items.
• Fixed the position of the overlay play button for videos in fullscreen mode.
• For Youtube videos in Android the native controls are now used for proper fullscreen functionality.
• Improved the internal management of the playlist object.
• Improved the event name spacing.
Version 3.3 (30 November, 2015)
• Added option to insert Dailymotion syndication key in embeds. 
• Fixed small video size bug in Flash mode for IE. 
• Loop button can be clicked once to repeat playlist, twice to repeat current track, and on clicking the third time looping is again deactivated. 
• Fixed a bug with loading of audio cover art in Safari.
Version 3.2 (26 April, 2015)
• Added Fix for the WordPress XSS Security vulnerability -
• Fixed a bug with the showing of file download links in the playlist when caching was enabled.
• Added the option of showing purchase page links for Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion video items.
Version 3.1 (15 April, 2015
• The plugin now uses Youtube API v3.
• Fixed a bug that in a specific case was causing the first playlist item not start playing when it was clicked.
• Minor tweaks to the plugin admin area.
Version 3.0 (16 January, 2015)
• Show original titles of Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion videos when user does not supply any custom titles.
• Added option to download lyrics as text file.
• Added option to show external page links in playlist that can optionally open in new tabs/windows.
• Added option to show links to purchase pages for playlist items. These links can optionally open in new tabs/windows.
• Play Icecast mp3 streams and get track info.
• Added the option to start autoplay only when the user manually starts playing after the player gets loaded.
• Prevent caching of radio stream when paused.
• Fixed control bar issues with minimal audio player (no cover art and track info).
• Fixed responsive resizing of videos when played with Flash fallback.
Version 2.1 (13 September, 2014)
• Added the option of choosing whether associated media files will be deleted when a playlist item or player instance is deleted.
• Added the option of choosing to add newly added playlist items at the beginning of the playlist instead of at the end.
• Existing player instances can now be cloned in the player manager page.
• Fixed some php warnings/alerts.
Version 2.0.1 (7 September, 2014)
• Fixed a bug with the "shuffle playlist" feature.
Version 2.0 (28 August, 2014)
• Added the option of showing postroll content after a video file finishes playing.
• Added the option of showing subtitles for video files.
• Added support for displaying Dailymotion videos, including pulling videos from feeds.
• Fixed a bug that prevented passing of data through ajax when a large number of items were in the playlist.
• Fixed the possibility of video size css conflict with WP theme's css.
• Fixed the loading of Youtube user videos feed.
• Various other small bug fixes.

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Why buy from Bootstrapps?

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