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Clearout is an email validation and verification tool designed to help you target your actual prospects and protect your sender reputation. It provides you with enterprise-grade email verification that's over 98% accurate to exponentially improve your email deliverability and clearing the honeypot, hard bounces, and non-valid emails out of the way. With duplicate removal, blacklist verification, autosuggestion, risk verification, mailbox quota verification, spam trap detection, deliverability score, and more, you can stay on the good side by maintaining a good relationship with your ESP, save money, and don’t want to waste time on email addresses of contacts that don't even exist anymore.

4.8/5 stars on Capterra:
★ ★ ★ ★

  • Removes all duplicate email addresses automatically
  • Identify the catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing
  • Fully clean your email list by conforming invalid syntax to the standard format
  • Normalize sub address from the Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/ iCloud
  • Eliminate spelling errors and typos in the email addresses with auto-suggestions
  • Verify the addresses against the anti-spam lists to check if its risky sending emails
  • Verify the email addresses to check if it is from a disposable email provider
  • Determine chances of an email address to be a spam trap
  • Verifiy all kinds of mailbox errors without sending any payload to the given email address
  • Identify all role-based email addresses like admin, support or sales from the list
  • Measure the response time for every email address by a simple open relay check

You're in good company. More than 10,000 multi-sized businesses trust Clearout with their real-timne email validation services!

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Why buy from Bootstrapps?

Have you ever had the experience of buying apps that guaranteed to get you more traffic and sales only to realize…

You need another app to get the most out of it? 

You are not alone and I know it can be truly frustrating.

My name is Paul Therond and I’m the founder of Bootstrapps where every app you buy gets a bonus WordPress plugin of your choice.

I created Bootstrapps after buying many different apps myself and spending too much money to boot. This is why I would like to make your next app purchase even sweeter.

When you buy anything through at a minimum you are going to get a free WordPress plugin from our database of over 3,000. And sometimes when we have permission from the app maker we can offer an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal cash back rebate. 

You might be asking, “Does this really work?”

The best answer I can give is what other people have said:

How to qualify for this Clearout Discount?

We want to make sure you get all the bonuses you deserve when purchasing apps from To ensure that every claim goes through, there is a full proof way that ensures we get credited for your purchase and can offer you the bonuses.

The process is simple:

  1. Right click the “Get This Deal” button and in Chrome choose the open link in incognito window option. Firefox and Internet explorer are the same right click process but use different wording:

    Edge: Right click on button and choose “Open in new InPrivate Window”
    Firefox: Right click on button and choose “Open in New Private Window”
    Safari: Alt + right click on button and choose “Open Link in New Private Window”

  2. Purchase the app (any valid coupon codes will be on your clipboard ready to paste at checkout).
  3. Submit proof of purchase (receipt and invoice number if applicable) here.
Right Click Demo (Guarantees your bonus claim)
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Your bonuses with purchase

Amazon Gift Cards or Cash Back Rebates

Many apps listed on Bootstrapps qualify for cash back rebate or Amazon Gift Card. You will get this extra bonus over and above any valid coupon codes for the app so you are saving twice!

If you want to double check if a gift card or rebate is available for this app – you can use the comments or contact form to check.

Bonus WordPress Plugin

Every purchase on Bootstrapps (even $1 trials) qualifies for a bonus WordPress plugin of your choice. There are over 3,000 plugins in the vault to choose from, so let us know your top 3 wish list and we should have at least one option you want.

Full terms and conditions for this on the Bonus claims page.

Further details about Clearout Discount & Coupon Codes

May 2021 Updates

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If you run into any issues claiming this promotion, you can use the comments form here

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Clearout Discount

Reach Actual Customers & Avoid Bouncing! Clearout Validates, Verifies, and Cleans Your Email List in Real-Time

Get a Free WordPress plugin with your purchase

Every purchase you make, no matter the value, qualifies for a free WordPress plugin of your choice. Over 3,000 options to choose from.

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