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Consolidate all your stores, payment gateways and Google Analytics in a single app.

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Consolidate all your stores, payment gateways and Google Analytics in a single app.

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Walnut, CA, USA
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January 2, 2022

What is Putler?

Putler is an online analytics service that was designed to help you understand your eCommerce business better.  It achieves this by connecting to all of your platforms, aggregating the data and presenting it to you in an uncomplicated way that is easy to understand.  With Putler you can consolidate all your stores, payment gateways and Google Analytics in a single app.

Powerful analytics on sales, products, subscriptions, customers and visitors.  Putler combines, cleans and enriches your data. You’ll understand your business better and make profitable decisions quickly.  It allows you to save efforts, improve results, and build a better business.

Key Features

  • Get consolidated, accurate reports on products, sales, customers, subscriptions, and visitors
  • Alternative to: Baremetrics, Metorik, and ChartMogul
  • Go beyond reporting to manage subscriptions, process refunds, view purchase history, and gain marketing insights
  • Best for: Ecommerce stores, SaaS companies and internet marketers that want to simplify data analytics and grow their businesses
lifetime deal
  • Lifetime access to Putler Starter Plan
  • Track up to $15,000 revenue per month
  • 5 data sources
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Starter Plan updates
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Only for first-time Putler users who don't have data sources currently or previously linked with Putler
  • Note: If you have/had a data source linked with Putler previously, you won't be able to re-add it via the AppSumo deal
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Combine multiple accounts
  • Intelligent data cleanup, merging, and duplicate resolution
  • Automatic currency rate conversion
  • Core analytics for sales, customers, products, and subscriptions
  • Enriched customer profiles
  • Sales heatmap, top products, and 80-20 analysis
  • Drill downs for order status and customer location
  • Weekly email reports
  • Planning tools: forecasting and revenue goal setting
  • Operations features: issue refunds and manage subscriptions
  • Unlimited orders
  • Single user
  • Two-year data retention
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Putler Pricing


Starter - $29 /mo

All the basics to track your business and day-to-day operations

  • Single user
  • 3 data sources
  • Up to 2 years historical data
  • Issue refunds, manage subscriptions
  • All common features

Growth - $50 /mo

Peace of mind for high volume businesses

  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited teams
  • Advanced features (Drill downs, segments, RFM)
  • 15 data sources
  • Up to 5 years historical data
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Inbound and Outbound API

Putler FAQ

What is a data source / integration?

Each external account you connect with Putler is considered a data source or integration. Putler syncs with all popular payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout etc), e-commerce systems (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce etc), marketplaces (ebay, Etsy) and Google Analytics among others. Putler also connects with MailChimp.

Different plans allow for different number of data sources.

How do you calculate monthly order limits?

We look at last three month average to determine monthly order limits. So if you cross your monthly limit once, you will still stay on the same plan. You can easily switch to a higher plan whenever you need.

What are Inbound / Outbound APIs?

Putler is a platform. We let you bring in your data even from sources Putler does not directly integrate with. For example, using the Inbound API you can send orders from your POS to Putler. The Outbound API lets you take statistics out of Putler to any other system you use.

Can I upgrade/cancel any time?

Yes. You can upgrade your plan at any time. You will also get prorated credit for any balance in your account if you switch plans. You may downgrade or cancel any time too – cancellation will allow access until the end of current subscription, and won’t charge you again.

What discounts do you offer?

Non Profits, do-gooders and educational institutes get Putler for 50% discount. If you are one, submit a request here with proof of your claim and we will send you a discount code! But remember, use Putler only for that purpose – don’t mix commercial activities.

What data does Putler track?

Putler tracks all the e-commerce transactions that happen on your store. And if you connect Putler with your Google Analytics account it can also show your website analytical data. Putler is also equipped to track subscription data and also allows you to carry out instant refunds.

How is Putler different from other analytic tools?

There are lots of things in Putler that other analytics tools don’t provide. Multi account consolidation, de-duping, accurate reporting, growth insights, customer profiles and ability to manage orders or issue refunds are some of Putler’s unique features.

How much time do I have to invest in Putler?

We understand you are busy, so we have designed Putler to save you time. Once you have initially connected your accounts with Putler (which takes about 10-15 minutes) you are done. Putler does the rest. It will pull in data from all your accounts and gives you one clear dashboard for making decisions. Putler will also proactively email you insights and recommendations.

In short, Putler will do all the hard work while you can concentrate on whatever you love to do!

Do I need to be a techie or know coding to use Putler?

Absolutely not. Putler is a very sophisticated product which does all the complex calculations by itself. We have ready integrations with most popular sources of transactions and the setup is really easy.

Is your question still unanswered?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We’re happy to help.

Does the free trial include all features?

Yes. The free-trial gives you all features. You can connect unlimited accounts and there’s no limit on number of transactions or orders. However, the trial shows you reports based on your previous three months (90 days) of data from the current date.

Is Putler worth my time and investment?

You have come here because you are looking out for a solution or you want something better than your current analytics solution. So in both cases, Putler fits the bill. The initial setup of Putler is very simple and within no time you will see the benefits that Putler can offer your business.

What about privacy and data security? Will other people see my numbers?

Your data is safe and secure with Putler. Putler also has a team feature using which you can restrict data viewing for your employees as well.

Will I get support during my 14-days free trial and later?

101%!! Every customer matters to us. Whether you are on a free trial or paid plan.

Putler Lifetime Deal FAQ

What is the Waitlist for Putler?

The Waitlist is a Bootstrapps initiative to help our members get the best pricing on the apps they most want. When enough people join a waitlist, we contact the company on your behalf to request a custom deal. This could include a lifetime deal and/or Putler coupon code. Only logged in members can join waitlists - login.

Would a lifetime deal for Putler be legitimate?

Lifetime deals are becoming a common strategy especially for startups to get an influx of beta users.

The seller is willing to let this initial group of users get access for a one time fee to get an immediate cash injection into their business that can often negate the need for venture capital.

The other benefit is the seller gets a motivated study group of users with valuable feedback to make their app better.

However larger companies tend to be more hesitant to embrace the lifetime deal model but there are ways that it can become more appealing to them as a business.

First by getting more people on the waitlist and secondly by making adjustments to the terms of the lifetime deal that are considerate to both seller and buyers long term cashflow.

So as you can see when it comes to software, the risks are quite low to you the buyer as long as you do your due diligence.

Is there a guarantee for Putler?

Most reputable lifetime deal offers will offer you a money back guarantee of between 30-60 days. Beware of any offer that doesn’t provide you this guarantee.

Will I get updates and support from Putler

All lifetime deals featured on Bootstrapps will include future updates and support direct from the seller.

Will Putler work with my current app stack?

There is nothing worse than buying an app that doesn’t work with your other business critical apps.

So make sure to visit their features page and if they don’t mention supporting your specific apps then see if they support Zapier or web hooks. This will give you flexibility for the future.

What else should I know before buying Putler?

Lifetime deals have several key points to consider.

  1. Look at the pricing for the Putler lifetime deal. The benefits of the deal could be limited compared to retail pricing especially if they offer a free plan.

  2. Look at reviews from current clients and people who just bought the lifetime deal as this will give you a good idea of whether Putler is here for the long term.

  3. Look at their product road map to see if their vision matches your requirements for the future.

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