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Modern Team Showcase Review + Bonus

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Modern Team Showcase Review Points

Modern Team Showcase Review

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Modern Team Showcase

Get a bonus WordPress plugin with your purchase of Modern Team Showcase


The ultimate ‘Meet the Team' WordPress plugin

Modern Team Showcase delivers brilliant output in very little time. It helps you collect your team information and showcase it anywhere on your site in beautiful grids, columns and tables. It also makes later re-editing your work so much easier than other solutions.

Note: The plugin works without purchase key activation now!

13 Responsive Presets

Its preset builder feature ensures you can quickly start off with your choice of preset with the combination of elements in it that you want. Starter member dummy data is also included. You can view all the Modern Team Showcase presets here.

Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 1

Powerfully Feature Replete

MTS is built to help you leverage awesome power with click of a few buttons. You will be impressed by its true ‘premium' feel as it covers from basic to some amazingly advanced features:

  • FontEnd showcase editor
  • FontEnd Password Forms
  • 10 Responsive Presets
  • In-built Tutorial System
  • Automatic Starter Dummy Data
  • Visual Template Editor
  • Media Queries Input
  • Meta Key Logic System
  • Filter By Any Meta Key
  • Editable LightBox structure
  • Font-Awesome selector

Build Awesome Stuff Right Now

Your WordPress project probably requires a meet the team section and it matters that it look gorgeous. Whether you are pressed for time while creating this section or you're interested in a turn-key responsive solution, or even if you want to get hands on and invest some time in building amazing custom output, MTS is here to meet your needs.

Prototype Web Designs So Fast

MTS is an amazing prototyping tool, sans pareil. It's convenient front-end visual template editor gives you tight control over: attributes, classes, media queries, element styles for hover and idle state and code structure, besides meta key based logic. With such easy power of editing templates you can iterate and re-iterate over design, functionality, and feel amazingly faster than native code, so you can deliver much better output in less time.

Meta Key Logic System FTW

You can easily make your member cells' templates dynamic, changing as per the content they represent using the meta key logic system available with MTS! As an example, try changing the values in the form at the bottom of this page and view the results in the showcase above.

MTS Purpose and Philosophy

While speed is core to the reason for building MTS, its purpose isn't to just help you create showcases faster. It's real purpose is to help you vastly improve the quality of your output given the time you have for your project. It is here to help you deliver much more by leveraging its facilities that cut down on a tonne of trivial, mind consuming tasks, and giving you immediate access to advanced facilities. Basically it is like a proficient assistant which setups up your project base so you can switch your focus to higher level, creative tasks already.

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Update Log

Version 2.8.0: April 14th 2019

  • Fixed search issue and font awesome conflict with Avada.

Version 2.7.0: November 20th 2017

  • Added members import/export feature via CSV files.

Version 2.6.0: October 20th 2017

  • Reworked the breakpoint system to enhanced UI convenience.
  • Added more FAQs to MTS Showcase editor pages for quick info.

Version 2.5.0: August 15th 2017

  • Reworked and updated designs for the presets.
  • Filters can now have sub filters via drop downs. Sub filters are basically the child groups of the filter.
  • Updated design of Lightbox.
  • Updated design of Advanced Editor.
  • Minor bug fixes across the Preset Loader and Advanced Editor.
  • General code optimisations for enhanced performance

Version 2.3.4: July 1st 2017

  • Updated for compatibility with cornerstone plugin in X theme and Bridge theme.

Version 2.3.0: June 2nd 2016

  • the_content and content tags will have their shortcodes processed. Great for using shortcodes in lightboxes.
  • Horizontal lightbox now has scroller to neatly accommodate large content.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0: May 16th 2016

  • Save and Apply buttons combined in Load New Preset section
  • Multi-Filtering: You can now configure multiple front-end filters for your showcase. These filters can be based on terms from any taxonomies or custom field values.
  • Targeted Search: The search bar now allows you to target the member post title, content and multiple custom fields that you decide.
  • CSS enhancements to some presets

Version 2.1.0: May 1st 2016

  • Save and Apply buttons combined in Main Editor
  • Several settings are carried over from the Main Editor while loading new presets such as custom filter labels
  • Member forms on the member editor pages are auto submitted when updating the page
  • Members that have been filtered out will now be hidden from the lightbox as well

Version 1.9.0: October 13th 2015

  • New Feature: Now users can choose between the Vertical and Horizontal LightBox orientation modes
  • New Feature: LightBox Color Theme. Added an options Light theme
  • New Feature: Append text/HTML for Description fields in Cell and LightBox
  • Design enhancements to existing presets, lightbox, filter and search elements

Version 1.8.5: October 11th 2015

  • Added a General CSS input box in the Load New preset section and Main Editor

Version 1.8.0: October 9th 2015

  • The ‘Where Should This Form Show' section in the form builder pages has a new setting option of ‘Simple setting' which makes it convenient to show the form on all member pages even if they are not attached to any group.
  • Feature Addition to ‘Load New Preset' section: Now ‘Email' field will also be included among link options. Also the order of the links can be sorted.
  • Member ‘Name' in posts will now automatically contain an ‘a' tag wrapped inside the tag of user's choice if ‘Enable Link To Profile' option is selected in ‘Load New Preset' section, of if in ‘Member Template' > Name element > Attr > a link (can be meta key) is given.

Version 1.7.0: October 8th 2015

  • Form Builder receives a big upgrade for enhanced form building/editing experience.
  • Very useful FAQs added to Showcase Editor pages.
  • Bug Fix: Issue with filtering relabel system fixed.

Version 1.6.5: October 6th 2015

  • For greater convenience, the ‘Load Preset' section in the Showcase editor pages will now save its settings when you click its ‘Load Preset' button (it is renamed ‘Load New Preset')

Version 1.6.1: October 5th 2015

  • Compatibility with these that include Mobile_Detect class without checking.
  • Changed code for compatibility with PHP 5.2

Version 1.6.0: October 3rd 2015

  • New Feature: Change filter order and labels. Ability to add text / HTML to the individual filter labels.
  • More pointers within the plugin to help you use it more effectively.
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.5.0

  • New Feature: Pagination. 2 variants: ‘Load more button', ‘Numbered buttons'
  • Enhanced styling for Table preset

Version 1.4.1

  • Small bug fix concerning query save

Version 1.4.0

  • Several new options added to Preset Loader for more speed and convenience

Version 1.3.5

  • Fixed bug that interfered with bottom save button on front end
  • CSS Enhancements

Version 1.3.4

  • Minor bug fix to help disable ribbon for the Overlay preset

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed a bug regarding cross browser search

Version 1.3.2

  • Added extra showcase save button for clarity
  • While loading preset, if lightbox is deselected, link to member post page is automatically added
  • Lightbox's attributes will automatically have ‘View Full Profile' link as the first attribute for all presets.

Version 1.3.0

  • Added search functionality

Version 1.2.1

  • Quashed a bug preventing loading preset forms for creating new ones.
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.2.0

  • More convenient options added to the preset builder based based on user feedback.

Version 1.1.0

  • 2 New presets added. Framed Round and Slide Up

Version 1.0.2

  • Optimizations to the presets for better looks and responsiveness
  • Optimizations to code for more fringe cases

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed query bug. You can now combine posts along with pages in your query
  • Optimization to code for fringe cases


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How to qualify for a Modern Team Showcase Bonus?

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Modern Team Showcase FAQ

Is Modern Team Showcase suitable for my website?

  • Learn more about the app here and also read community thoughts and reviews from previous buyers here. If this app currently has no reviews then get in touch for advice (bottom right).

Will Modern Team Showcase slow down my website?

  • We pay special attention to performance when reviewing products and you will see our thoughts in the “Expert Notes” section

How do I claim my Modern Team Showcase Bonus with purchase?

  • Purchase any app listed on and receive an extra WordPress plugin of your choice with every transaction. There are thousands to choose from.

Is there a Modern Team Showcase Discount or Coupon Code?

You will find the latest Modern Team Showcase discount coupon codes below (or blank if none). If none are available right now, you still qualify for a bonus plugin with purchase.

Is there a Modern Team Showcase Lifetime Deal?

Any Modern Team Showcase lifetime deals will appear below, however if none are available we recommend joining the wait list for the best chance of securing a LTD.

What do Bootstrapps Members get?

  • Membership is free and works on a points system to unlock various bonuses and gifts. Rewards include buying app license keys on your behalf ranging from $50-$100 value. Become a member today.

What is the Wait List?

  • The wait list is a Bootstrapps exclusive initiative to help you secure a lifetime discount deal. Using the power of the crowd we have a high success rate at securing a custom deal for our clients. You can get started below and you will only receive notifications when a deal goes live.

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Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Modern Team Showcase

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