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Hospital Management System for WP Review

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Hospital Management System for WP

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Hospital management system Plugin for wordpress is ideal way to manage complete hospital operation.
The system has different access rights for Admin, doctor, nurse, support staff and other users.

award winning hospital Management System


User RoleUsernamePassword
Support Staffsupportstaffsupportstaff
Laboratory Staff  laboratorystaff  laboratorystaff  

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Multipurpose payment Gateway

Module List:

  • Rich Dashboard with analytics
  • Admin Module
  • Front End Patient Module
  • Doctor Module
  • Nurse Module
  • Support Staff Module
  • Lab Module
  • Pharmacist Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Oupatient module
  • Appointment Module
  • Prescription Module
  • Treatment Module
  • Bed – Room Management
  • Operation Theatre Module
  • Medicine Module
  • Diagnosis Reports Module
  • Invoice – Expense Module
  • Blood Bank Module
  • Ambulance Module
  • Notice-Event Module
  • Message Module
  • Management Reports
  • Once click Install
  • Powerful features with unique design

Update History

  • 08-05-2020
    - WordPress 5.4.1 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Resolved Security Audits issue in Plugin.
    - [Feature] Data Validation and Wp standard code method used in Plugin.
    - Fixed Language Translation issue.
  • 01-04-2020
    - WordPress 5.3.2 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Integrated With Our SMSmaster – Multipurpose SMS Gateway for WordPress Plugin.
    - [Feature] Integrated With Our Paymaster - Multipurpose Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin.
    - Fixed Gui issue.
  • 11-07-2019
    - WordPress 5.2.2 Compatibility.
    - [Fixed] Vulnerabilities security issue.
    - [Fixed] Send message issue in message module.
    - [Feature] Added patient registration approval option in admin side.
  • 04-04-2019
    - Fixed vulnerabilities - security issue
  • 02-01-2019
    - WordPress Version 5.0.2 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Added multiple language support with the translated word file.
    - [Feature] Add tax module in invoice.
    - [Feature] Update Dashboard design.
    - [Feature] Update charges in invoice module.
    - [Feature] Dispatch blood in blood bank module.
    - [Feature] Add prescribe report in prescription.
    - [Feature] All Modules Responsive.
    - [Feature] Add multiple diagnosis report in diagnosis.
    - [Feature] Add Appointment Edit and cancel Mail template.
    - [Feature] Add diagnosis report Mail template.
    - [Feature] Access Right Own data created and assigned both records display.
    - [Feature] Add tax in add doctor, add nurse, add medicine, add treatment, add bed, add instrument, add Diagnosis report category, add Operation category.
    - [Feature] Add Visiting Charge and Consulting Charge in doctor. 
    - [Feature] Update report type module. 
    - [Feature] Add prescribe report in prescription module.
    - [Feature] Update medicine module.
    - [Feature] Update diagnosis module(add multiple diagnossis report).
    - Fixed Field validation issue.
  • 11-10-2018
    - WordPress 4.9.8 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Add multiple madicine in madicine module.
    - [Feature] Import and Export  all users module.
    - [Feature] Import and Export madicine module.
    - [Feature] prescription and Invoice design change.
    - [Feature] Add field validation.
    - [Feature] Add OWN data in access right module.
    - [Feature] Appointment module responsive.
    - Fixed Field validation issue.
    - [Feature] Access Right module responsive.
    - Fixed DD-MM-YYYY Formate issue.
  • 26-05-2018
    - Fixed Cannot modify header information issue.
    -Fixed "Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output" issue.
  • 22-05-2018
    - [Feature] Added appointment module.
    - [Feature] Added access rights module user wise.
    - [Feature] Form field validation for all modules.
    - [Feature] URL security privided in all modules. [Url ID converted into encrypted formate].
    - [Feature] Date validation.
    - [Feature] Time validation.
    - [Feature] Genarte PDF in invoice and prescription module.
    -Fixed Date format issue.
    -Fixed Email notifications issue.
    -Fixed Invoice module issue.
  • 08-03-2018
    -Fixed date format issue in message module.
    -Fixed invoice module issue.
  • 07-03-2018
    -Fixed message module issue.
    -Fixed changes logo issue.
    -Fixed invoice issue.
  • 03-01-2018
    - [Feature] Added new date formats.
    - [Feature] Added image and document validation.
    - Fixed message module issue.
  • 07-09-2017
    - [Feature] Email notifications.
  • 12-08-2017
    -Wordpress 4.8.1 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Add popup for add doctor and add outpatient module.
    - [Feature] Added bootsrap datepicker.
    - [Feature] Added bootsrap timepicker.
  • 17-05-2017
    - [Feature] Transaction history can be viewed in invoice.
  • 15-05-2017
    - Fixed issue of header already sent.
  • 01-05-2017
    - Multiple patient can't book appointment on same time slot. 
    - Fixed message module issue.
    - Can not assign bed at the same time to multiple patients.
    - Multiple patients can not do registration for ambulance at the same time.
    - Fixed issue in patient module.
  • 01-04-2017
    - [Feature] Plugin licence key registration.
  • 02-03-2017
    - Fixed issue of print charges into patient invoice.
    - Fixed css issue.
  • 23-02-2017
    - [Feature] Instrument Management 
    - [Feature} Automatically aggregate charges to patient invoice. 
    - [Feature] Patient bed can be transferred. 
    - [Feature] Added Medicine dispatch feature.
  • 22-01-2017
    - Fixed bed assign issue.
    - Fixed print prescription css issue.
  • 03-10-2016
    - Fixed front-end outpatient loading issue.
  • 22-03-2016
    - [Feature] Patient can book appointment.
  • 29-02-2016
    - Add option in setting form for Staff to send message to the Admin.
    - Updated message module.
  • 05-02-2016
    - [Feature] User can update own profile picture.
    - Add option in setting form To keep hospital name in prescription print.
    - Add field in prescription form for patient medicine schedule.
    - Add expiry date in medicine.
  • 06-01-2016
    - [Feature] Access rights settings from admin
    - Data Privacy option added for outpatient list
    - Bug fixed on Datatable language issue
  • 08-12-2015
    - [feature] Front End Patient Registration
  • 20-09-2015
    - Compatibility with WordPress version 4.3.1.
  • 18-09-2015

    - [feature] Patient can download own diagnosis report.
    - [feature] Auto generate log activity in every add,update and delete action for compliance.
  • 19-07-2015

    - Add option in settings for doctor to view assigned patients only.
    - [feature] Add clickatell and twilio SMS service on Notice/Event,Message and Appointment.
    - Add custom field in prescription.
    - Print prescription.
  • 15-07-2015

    - Fixed bug on Doctore note.
    - Fixed bug in Nurse note.
  • 13-07-2015

    - Initial Plugin release


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Hospital Management System for Wordpress

Hospital Management System for WP

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