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Flagged Content Pro Review

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Flagged Content Pro

Get a bonus WordPress plugin with your purchase of Flagged Content Pro


Flagged Content Pro - Let visitors report and flag posts, comments and more - WordPress Plugin - 1

Flagged Content Pro lets visitors flag, report or provide feedback about posts, pages, comments, custom post types and many other types of content. Post and comments don't need to be patrolled anymore—let visitors find the bad ones and flag them for your review. There are a number of reasons why visitors should be allowed to flag content and communicate issues about your website:

  • Posts can have broken links which were missed or information in an article may no longer be relevant
  • A page containing an embed no longer works and there's no easy way for you to scan for non-working embeds
  • A comment may contain inappropriate material or a spam comment may have snuck past moderation
  • A bbPress reply may be off topic or contains swear words
  • A custom post type is no longer functioning correctly or has inaccurate information
  • Lets your website users feel like they have a voice and that they are essential in helping your site grow
  • These are just a few of many reasons that this plugin helps lighten your administrative work while keeping your content fresh and your users happy

Many non-WordPress sites use moderation systems allowing users to report broken, inappropriate or questionable content to the sites. Flagged Content Pro brings commonly used and very helpful moderator functionality to the WordPress frontend.

Flagged Content Pro automatically injects a button (or link) in the content allowing users to flag that content. Clicking on the flag button reveals a form allowing the visitor to detail the reason for reporting the content. The form presented to visitors is customizable: the user can (or must if you decide) enter a name, email, reason for flagging this content and a brief description. After submission of the form, the submission is sent to the admin side as a flag and is viewable by administrators.

Compatible with a variety of WordPress content

  • WordPress builtin content – Visitors can flag the standard posts, pages, media and comments
  • Custom post types – Visitors can report custom post types such as those added through Custom Post Type UI
  • bbPress topics and replies – Visitors can flag topics and replies under a single topic page
  • WooCommerce products and reviews – Products and the reviews within the product can be flagged
  • GeoDirectory places and reviews – Places and the reviews can be reported
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Visitors can flag downloads


Flagged Content Pro automatically adds the button into the content for you.

Stylize and Customize

Many different options are available to style the buttons used by visitors to flag an item. Add an icon, alter the label, change the colors of the button, change the button to a link, choose how it is placed, etc. The form presented to a visitor can capture different information and fields can be made optional or mandatory. The form fields include name, email, reason, and description.

Different forms can be used for different types of content. For example, customize the forms so visitors only need to select a reason for flagging a comment, but must enter a description when flagging a post or page.

Intuitive Backend for Admins

The admin page centralizes and lists all flags submitted for the site. The item that was flagged is shown and and can easily be viewed or edited. Information on the submitter is also included along with a date for easy sorting. Flags come in in pending status, and can be deleted to keep the list of flags page clean and organized, or they can be marked as completed for future reference.


Written in a way to limit processing when the plugin is not needed. Minimizes resource usage by avoiding burdening each page request with needless scripts and files.

Feature Recap

  • Customizable form: Choose whether to display each field in the form and whether it's a required field.
  • Customize messages: Alter the wording on the form to fit your site.
  • Flags displayed in backend: Organized and listed in one area. Easy access to the flagged items.
  • Limit who can flag: Let everyone flag or restrict it to only logged in users.
  • Hide content (pending/unapproved) after it has been flagged a certain number of times
  • Email notifications: The plugin can send out email notifications when a visitor submits a flag.
  • Customize notifications: The email notifications can have their subject and body customized to include different types of information. A limit can also be placed on how often email notifications are sent.
  • Spam protection: Attempts to prevent flagging by bots through several different measures.
  • Lightweight: Limits when the plugin code is run to prevent unnecessary processing and script loading.
  • Mobile device support: The frontend form shown to visitors is responsive and will change to suit mobile devices.


  • Tested in PHP 5.6.25+ and WordPress 4.5.3+. Earlier versions may work with the plugin, but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please note: The plugin is automatically injected within a theme. There are many different themes which all work differently and the plugin cannot account for every possible theme.The plugin should look fine with the majority of themes. Otherwise, CSS can be used to adjust the styling and make it work within your theme.
  • Multisite is not yet support.
  • Please review requirements and considerations

Before Purchasing

  • Please make sure to review requirements and considerations. Automatic injection and shortcode usage cannot be guaranteed with every theme/plugin. Please reach out to us first through the contact form and ask if you have a custom setup or a complicated theme/plugin.


Being a paid plugin customer entitles you to help when you need it and gives you a voice in improving the plugin.

  • Tutorials: Quickly gets you running with easy to follow tutorials.
  • Contact us: We always read and address support needs for premium customers.
  • Feature requests: Submit feature requests for consideration.


  • magnific-popup
  • featherlight

Additional Information

Additional information about the plugin can be found on the plugin page on our website.

Updating from a version prior to 1.2.0

View special instructions for updating to 1.2.0+ from previous versions.


1.5.1 (7/11/2018)

  • Form emails – Added additional recipients for emails: author and custom. Author – tries to send an email to the author of post type content. Custom – manually enter a email address the email for the recipient.
  • Added css classes for unflagged (flaggedc-form-status-unflagged) and successfully flagged (flaggedc-form-status-flagged) forms to the form containers on the frontend. This will allow for css classes to be used that specifically target the forms depending on whether they have been flagged or not.

1.5.0 (4/5/2018)

  • New – Shortcodes have been added as a method to place the flagging button
  • New – Added the ability to change the modal type. This can be used to address conflicts with modal/popups loaded through other plugins or the theme. There are two types available to switch between. The option can be found under Settings -> Other -> Modal type.
  • Fixed minor display bugs in the Admin's Edit form and settings screens.
  • Code changes

1.4.0 (1/24/2018)

  • New feature – Forms can be set to hide content (pending/unapproved) after it has been flagged a certain number of times.
  • Admin flags page – Added statuses to appear next to the content. The status will only be shown if the content is not live such as published/approved/etc.
  • Bug fixes to the Admin Add/Edit Forms interface
  • Bug fix on the admin flags page
  • Code changes
  • Directory and file changes – added includes folder, renamed files.

View older change history


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Is Flagged Content Pro suitable for my website?

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Will Flagged Content Pro slow down my website?

  • We pay special attention to performance when reviewing products and you will see our thoughts in the “Expert Notes” section

How do I claim my Flagged Content Pro Bonus with purchase?

  • Purchase any app listed on Bootstrapps.com and receive an extra WordPress plugin of your choice with every transaction. There are thousands to choose from.

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Flagged Content Pro - Let visitors report and flag posts, comments and more - WordPress Plugin

Flagged Content Pro

Get a bonus WordPress plugin with your purchase of Flagged Content Pro

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