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Custom Backgrounds for WordPress Review

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Custom Backgrounds for WordPress

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With WordPress 3.0 a new feature was introduced called custom backgrounds for WordPress themes. This feature gives you the ability to add custom backgrounds on your site, which will your site a unique touch.

However have you ever wanted to have different backgrounds on Pages, Posts, Categories, Search page, Home page and Front page?

If your answer is Yes, then this plugin is for you. This plugin lets you add custom backgrounds for Pages, Posts, Categories, Archives, Home-page, Front-page, 404-page, Search-page, Author-page, Custom Post type.

Choose between 4 types of backgrounds; Single and Multiple Backgrounds, jQuery Background Stretcher, jQuery Parallax effects, Background Timer (set transition delay), Background Scheduling (set date and time period) and Clickable Backgrounds (add URL). Set default background for any template in WordPress. And set individual backgrounds for any Page, Post and Custom Post Type.

Just point and click to choose where to apply your background. It has never been easier!

Why not try it out your self before you buy it. Simply use the following login details

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow


List of features

Background Options

  • Create custom backgrounds
  • Create custom backgrounds with multiple images
  • Create custom background with ‘parent' and ‘child' attributes
    (apply multiple backgrounds to the same page)
  • Create Scheduled backgrounds (date and time availability)
  • Automatic detection of time zone (cookie set)
  • Create Clickable backgrounds
  • jQuery backgrund stretcher
  • jQuery Parallax
  • Set background CSS properties (easy interface)
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Pages
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Posts
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Categories
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Archives
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Authors
  • Apply backgrounds to the Login Page
  • Apply backgrounds to individual Authors
  • Enable Support for backgrounds on individual Custom Taxonomies
  • Enable support for custom post types
  • Apply backgrounds to custom post types
  • Choose background in Quick Edit mode for Posts, Pages and Custom Post types
  • Use WordPress API to get the plugin URL and path (support for alternate content location)
  • Background converter from Version 2.0 to 3.0
  • Automatic Update Notification

Default Backgrounds

  • Set default background for the ‘Home' page
  • Set default background for the “Front' page
  • Set default background for the ‘Search' page
  • Set default background for the ‘Author' page
  • Set default background for the ‘Archive' page
  • Set default background for the ‘404' page
  • Set default backgrund for the “login” page
  • Set default background (this applies to any page where the background is not set)



Version – February 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Make the plugin CPT?s public = false to avoid other plugins from loading frontend CPT metaboxes
  • Bug Fixed: On jQuery Selector Helper background is not showing when clicking in an area in preview.

Version – September 18, 2015

  • Compatibility Fix: Load default jQuery from WordPress

Version – April 25, 2015

  • Improvement: Replaced add_query_arg() due to an XSS vulnerability issue that affects many WordPress plugins and themes. Please observe that before the function could be accessed the user had to be an Administrator, meaning that the potential issue was not available to the public.
  • Bug Fixed: Targeting new window on background click not working
  • Bug Fixed: Remove PHP warning
  • Bug Fixed: Server time not shown correctly
  • Compatibility Fix: When NextGEN Gallery is active images can not be uploaded

Version 3.1.9 rev32234 – January 5, 2013

  • Bug Fixed: Javascript error on click action (background)

Version 3.1.8 rev31206 – December 15, 2012

  • Update: WordPress 3.5 compatibility

Version 3.1.7 rev26217 – June 19, 2012

  • New Feature: When a Post or Page is assigned to multiple categories, when showing single Post or Page, the system will display the category background from which the Page or Post came from. So if you view category A and the Post is also assigned to category B and C, if you click on the Post, it will display the category A background.

Version 3.1.6 rev24515 – May 3, 2012

  • New Feature: Enabled link on background for jQuery bgstretcher
  • Bug Fixed: Options Panel not saved on Mac

Version 3.1.5 rev22255 – February 29, 2012

  • Bug Fixed: Suffusion theme is adding 100% width to tab elements and breaking the Custom Backgrounds admin layout.

Version 3.1.4 rev15180 – December 23, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: Left an open short tag on the code that breaks installations that don't' have this feature
  • Bug Fixed: Prevent bgstretcher from breaking when anchoring or anchoringimg is missing
  • Update: Added the cover and contain options for background-size
  • Update: Added new icons for menu, enabled icons

Version 3.1.3 rev9711 – September 14, 2011

  • New Feature: Add overlay, custom and predefined preview (4 default overlay patterns). Option to add your own.
  • New Feature: Load the overlay with the background (fade)

Version 3.1.2 rev9627 – September 12, 2011

  • New Feature: Implemented bgstretcher preload parameter (fade)
  • New Feature: If background is clickable add a pointer cursor
  • New Feature: Enable target for clickable background link
  • Bug Fixed: Stretcher resize could not be set to false
  • Bug Fixed: Parallax not working on WordPress 3.2
  • Bug Fixed: Chrome not detecting correct container height when Parallax is set
  • Bug Fixed: Options Panel not showing the saved values
  • Updated: Options Panel version 1.0.5

Version 3.1.1. rev6155 – June 23, 2011

  • Update: Updated Options Panel to 1.0.3
  • Bug Fixed: Removed php warning when license property is not defined.

Version 3.1.0 rev5973 – June 7, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: Updated the developer URL in API address.

Version 3.1.0 rev5016 – June 1, 2011

  • New Feature: Added options for jQuery Background Stretcher (full customization)
  • New Feature: Allow setup of Custom Background for login page.
  • New Feature: Added option to disable the cbg_tz parameter in the URL the first time a visitor opens the page (allow to disable setting the cookie for local time used by Scheduled Backgrounds).
  • New Feature: Added Troubleshooting option to output Javascript in footer.
  • New Feature: Replaced the Options Panel with the generic RightHere Options Panel.
  • New Feature: Moved the Background Selector on Pages and Posts editor to the right sidebar.
  • Bug Fixed: CSS updated for Chrome and Safari (white space removed in top)
  • Bug Fixed: Add a function replacement to make plugin compatible with php4
  • Bug Fixed: Sliders not working when plugin is activated without any other plugin from RightHere installed.
  • Bug Fixed: Allow the use of external URLS and avoid inserting them into the Media Library (local images will still use the Media Library). This feature supports the use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Version 3.0.0 rev4112 – May 3, 2011

  • Update: New Core
  • New Feature: Automatic background selector detector (point and click)
  • New Feature: Scheduled Backgrounds (date and time availability)
  • New Feature: Background timer (set transition delay)
  • New Feature: Automatic detection of time zone (cookie set)
  • New Feature: Clickable Backgrounds
  • New Feature: Multiple Backgrounds
  • New Feature: jQuery Background Stretcher (full screen)
  • New Feature: jQuery Parallax
  • New Feature: Set Master Backgrounds and Child Backgrounds
  • New Feature: Background converter from version 2.0 to version 3.0
  • New Feature: Use WordPress API to get the plugin URL and path
    (support for alternate content location
  • New Feature: Automatic Update Notification

Version 2.0.2 – November 9, 2010

  • New Feature: Added background target selector

Version 2.0.1 – November 3, 2010

  • Bug Fixed: Error in setting default background

Version 2.0.0 – October 27, 2010

  • New Feature: Added archive background
  • New Feature: Added default background
  • New Feature: Added support for custom post types
  • New Feature: Added Quick edit option
  • New Feature: Added default author background
  • New Feature: Added support for individual author background through the user profile

Version 1.0.5 – October 18, 2010

  • New Feature: Added support for 404 Page (Page Not Found)

Version 1.0.4 – September 27, 2010

  • Bug Fixed: Error in Post revisions caused by plugin

Version 1.0.3 – September 20, 2010

  • New Feature: Added support for Search Page

Version 1.0.2 – September 16, 2010

  • Bug Fixed: Fatal error in is_front_page() when using the Search feature.

Version 1.0.1 – September 3, 2010

  • New Feature: Background Options added
  • New Feature: Set Home background
  • New Feature: Set Frontpage background

Version 1.0.0 – September 1, 2010

  • First release.


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  • Learn more about the app here and also read community thoughts and reviews from previous buyers here. If this app currently has no reviews then get in touch for advice (bottom right).

Will Custom Backgrounds for WordPress slow down my website?

  • We pay special attention to performance when reviewing products and you will see our thoughts in the “Expert Notes” section

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  • Purchase any app listed on and receive an extra WordPress plugin of your choice with every transaction. There are thousands to choose from.

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