Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles. Our managed hosting guarantees performance, reliability & choice with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team, making Cloudways the best choice for growing agencies and businesses.

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September 5, 2021

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed hosting provider that emphasizes performance and simplicity. From the simple server and application launch to the ongoing server maintenance, Cloudways takes away all the hassles of server management so that you can continue to focus on growing your business.

When you join Cloudways, you get a suite of powerful tools and services to manage your ecommerce stores and business websites. The core USP of Cloudways is choice - the choice of cloud providers, the choice of hosting almost every PHP powered application, the choice of using a paid or free SSL and the choice of developer and agency-focused workflows.

The ideas of choice and freedom to focus on what’s important to the users start right from the moment of server & application launch. With the choice of five IaaS providers (AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode) and multiple versions of popular applications (including four flavors of WordPress and two of Magento), the users can configure the Cloudways platform to fit their operational requirements and business processes.

The theme continues throughout the platform where users can deploy almost 50+ server and application management operations in a few clicks.

So whether you are an online store, an agency or a freelance developer with several clients, Cloudways offers the perfect mix of features that help you achieve more out of the managed hosting solution for your business websites and client projects.

Key features of Cloudways

  • Peace of mind with managed cloud hosting
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Managed Backups
  • Unlimited applications
  • PHP 7
  • Cloudways CDN for super fast content delivery worldwide
  • Perfect for startups in the growth phase

Cloudways Pricing

$10 /mo

  • RAM 1GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 25GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB

$ 22 /mo

  • RAM 2GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 50GB
  • Bandwidth 2TB

$ 42 /mo

  • RAM 4GB
  • Processor 2 Core
  • Storage 80GB
  • Bandwidth 4TB

$ 80 /mo

  • RAM 8GB
  • Processor 4 Core
  • Storage 160GB
  • Bandwidth 5TB

Cloudways FAQ

Which cloud infrastructure providers are available on Cloudways?

DigitalOcean - Starting at $10/month. Linode - Starting at $12/month. Vultr - Starting at $11/month. Google Compute Engine - Starting at $34.17/month. Amazon Web Service - Starting at $36.04/month.

How does 24/7/365 support work?

Every pricing plan gives you online access to 24/7/365 support through Live Chat and our ticketing system. The Advanced and Premium Support add-ons give you quicker response time, and enhanced access to our Support Team.

Do you charge any tax on monthly invoices?

Yes. Cloudways is based in Malta and we are required to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to customers from the European Union.

As of January 1st, 2020, Cloudways has started adding Goods and Services Tax (GST) to invoices for customers located in the Singapore region. For details, click here.

What is a free trial?

It is a chance for you to familiarize yourself with Cloudways Platform and test its capabilities. No risk, no obligation, no credit card required and you can cancel anytime.

Can I have servers on separate pricing plans and separate cloud providers?

Yes, you can launch multiple servers of the same or different cloud hosting plans and providers. It is entirely up to you how many servers of which cloud hosting pricing plans and infrastructure provider(s) you launch.

Can I launch separate applications?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of applications you can launch on a single server.  

What if I change my Cloudways pricing plan midway through the month?

Cloudways charges you hourly. This means you are charged only for what you use. As soon as you change your cloud hosting pricing plans, it will be reflected immediately on your invoice.

When will I be charged?

We use post-billing method and charge in arrears. Invoices are issued in the first week of every month for usage of services in the previous month. You will be notified by email of your invoices. For details, click here.

How can I cancel my Cloudways account?

You can cancel the account by deleting your servers anytime, and you will only be charged until the server(s) were active.

What if I exceed my bandwidth?

On Amazon and Google servers, bandwidth billing is on demand at all times.

On Vultr, additional bandwidth is charged at $0.02 to $0.05 per GB (depending upon data center region).

On DigitalOcean, $0.02 per GB will be charged for additional bandwidth usage.

Can I use Cloudways Rackspace Email Add-on without using any managed hosting services (so no servers in my account)?

We offer Rackspace Email Add-on at a discounted price as a complimentary service to our primary managed hosting services. We just want to make more convenient for you to host your websites with us, offering a very reliable email solution at an extremely attractive price. Unfortunately, we can't offer Rackspace Email Add-on if you are not using our hosting services.

Cloudways Lifetime Deal FAQ

What is the Waitlist for Cloudways?

The Waitlist is a Bootstrapps initiative to help our members get the best pricing on the apps they most want. When enough people join a waitlist, we contact the company on your behalf to request a custom deal. This could include a lifetime deal and/or Cloudways coupon code. Only logged in members can join waitlists - login.

Would a lifetime deal for Cloudways be legitimate?

Lifetime deals are becoming a common strategy especially for startups to get an influx of beta users.

The seller is willing to let this initial group of users get access for a one time fee to get an immediate cash injection into their business that can often negate the need for venture capital.

The other benefit is the seller gets a motivated study group of users with valuable feedback to make their app better.

However larger companies tend to be more hesitant to embrace the lifetime deal model but there are ways that it can become more appealing to them as a business.

First by getting more people on the waitlist and secondly by making adjustments to the terms of the lifetime deal that are considerate to both seller and buyers long term cashflow.

So as you can see when it comes to software, the risks are quite low to you the buyer as long as you do your due diligence.

Is there a guarantee for Cloudways?

Most reputable lifetime deal offers will offer you a money back guarantee of between 30-60 days. Beware of any offer that doesn’t provide you this guarantee.

Will I get updates and support from Cloudways

All lifetime deals featured on Bootstrapps will include future updates and support direct from the seller.

Will Cloudways work with my current app stack?

There is nothing worse than buying an app that doesn’t work with your other business critical apps.

So make sure to visit their features page and if they don’t mention supporting your specific apps then see if they support Zapier or web hooks. This will give you flexibility for the future.

What else should I know before buying Cloudways?

Lifetime deals have several key points to consider.

  1. Look at the pricing for the Cloudways lifetime deal. The benefits of the deal could be limited compared to retail pricing especially if they offer a free plan.

  2. Look at reviews from current clients and people who just bought the lifetime deal as this will give you a good idea of whether Cloudways is here for the long term.

  3. Look at their product road map to see if their vision matches your requirements for the future.

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