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September 28, 2021

What is Bluchic Themes?

Bluchic creates feminine WordPress Themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers, so you can build a beautiful & professional website or blog.

Our WordPress themes elevate your business instantly, ensuring that your website looks and works the way you need it to, showcasing your skills, products and services in the best way. Because we believe every female entrepreneur deserves a beautiful & professional online presence – at every stage of business.

Choose the theme that’s right for your business

Our themes are flexible enough for the WordPress Wonder Woman and simple enough for the “non-techy” WordPress newbie to build a website that brings your vision to life.

Key Features of Bluchic

  • The feminine touch to stand out from the crowd
  • Free email course on offer to get you started
  • Integrated with the best page builder for WordPress - Elementor
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use and configure to your brand
  • Money back guarantee

Bluchic Themes Pricing

Themes range in price from $79-$129.

Bluchic Themes FAQ

Can this theme be used for Squarespace, ShowIt, Wix, or Shopify websites?

No, Bluchic themes are for self-hosted WordPress websites only. Here’s an easy guide on creating a self-hosted WordPress site! If you have a WordPress site, you’re good to go!

Does my theme purchase include the stock photos used in the demo?

Yes! All of the photos from the demo site are included, so you can have it look exactly like the demo site.

Is it a one-time fee, or annual payment?

One-time fee (hooray!). We like to keep things simple and affordable around here, especially when it comes to your website. Once you purchase the theme, it’s yours for life! And, you’ll always have access to support and updates.

Do I need to purchase an additional framework like Genesis to use this theme?

No, you won’t need anything other than the domain, hosting, and WordPress installation. Just purchase a Bluchic theme and you can get started right away!

I’m not a techy person and I’m new to WordPress. Can I set up the theme on my own?

Yes! Our themes are built to be easy-to-use and intuitive. No coding knowledge or design skills required which makes it perfect for the beginner WordPress user. We have complete walkthroughs for every theme so you can easily set it up on your own.

And if you do run into any difficulty, we’re here to help with direct, personal support – you are not alone! Just flick us a support ticket, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to help you out!

Or you could always hire us to set up your site for you in 24 hours!

When I install the theme, will it look exactly like the demo?

FOR ELEMENTOR THEME: It’s now easier to set up your site like the demo. Just install the theme + Elementor, upload the page templates and follow the step by step tutorials in our help center. No more wondering “how do I set up my site to look like the demo?!”

FOR CLASSIC THEME: When you install the classic theme, it won’t look like the demo site just yet. You’ll need to complete the theme setup by following the step by step tutorials in our help center.

Can I customize the theme to match my branding?

FOR ELEMENTOR THEMES: Yes! You can easily change the colors, fonts (to other Google Fonts), and images to match your branding, and customize the layout by rearranging, adding, removing sections using the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder.

Note: 1) Custom fonts will require Elementor Pro, 2) Support is not provided for theme customizations or user modifications to the theme’s code, styling or functionality.

FOR CLASSIC THEMES: Yes! You can easily change the colors, fonts (to other Google Fonts using a plugin), and images to match your branding.

Note: For extensive customization, knowledge of WordPress, and possibly coding may be required. Support is not provided for theme customization or user modification to the theme’s code, styling or functionality.

How much trouble will it be to switch themes? Will all of my content transfer automatically to the new theme?

You will not lose any of your content as they will remain intact in your WordPress dashboard. Find out everything you need to do before, during, and after changing to a new theme in this blog post!

What is your refund policy?

Since our shop sells non-tangible digital products that you get immediate access to, they cannot be returned or exchanged. We sadly cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made.

If you have questions about our theme before making a purchase, feel free to ask us. Our demos also give a great idea of what the theme could look like for you, so you can see it before you buy.

Bluchic Themes Lifetime Deal FAQ

What is the Waitlist for Bluchic Themes?

The Waitlist is a Bootstrapps initiative to help our members get the best pricing on the apps they most want. When enough people join a waitlist, we contact the company on your behalf to request a custom deal. This could include a lifetime deal and/or Bluchic Themes coupon code. Only logged in members can join waitlists - login.

Would a lifetime deal for Bluchic Themes be legitimate?

Lifetime deals are becoming a common strategy especially for startups to get an influx of beta users.

The seller is willing to let this initial group of users get access for a one time fee to get an immediate cash injection into their business that can often negate the need for venture capital.

The other benefit is the seller gets a motivated study group of users with valuable feedback to make their app better.

However larger companies tend to be more hesitant to embrace the lifetime deal model but there are ways that it can become more appealing to them as a business.

First by getting more people on the waitlist and secondly by making adjustments to the terms of the lifetime deal that are considerate to both seller and buyers long term cashflow.

So as you can see when it comes to software, the risks are quite low to you the buyer as long as you do your due diligence.

Is there a guarantee for Bluchic Themes?

Most reputable lifetime deal offers will offer you a money back guarantee of between 30-60 days. Beware of any offer that doesn’t provide you this guarantee.

Will I get updates and support from Bluchic Themes

All lifetime deals featured on Bootstrapps will include future updates and support direct from the seller.

Will Bluchic Themes work with my current app stack?

There is nothing worse than buying an app that doesn’t work with your other business critical apps.

So make sure to visit their features page and if they don’t mention supporting your specific apps then see if they support Zapier or web hooks. This will give you flexibility for the future.

What else should I know before buying Bluchic Themes?

Lifetime deals have several key points to consider.

  1. Look at the pricing for the Bluchic Themes lifetime deal. The benefits of the deal could be limited compared to retail pricing especially if they offer a free plan.

  2. Look at reviews from current clients and people who just bought the lifetime deal as this will give you a good idea of whether Bluchic Themes is here for the long term.

  3. Look at their product road map to see if their vision matches your requirements for the future.

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Bluchic Themes Lifetime Deal

All themes purchased are updated and supported for life - no annual fees.


Bluchic Themes Lifetime Deals

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You know all about our Chic line — our WordPress themes, matching Add-On Templates and matching Sales Funnel Templates. And now, we’re soooo excited to finally announce…


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  • ChicSavvy
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Promo dates: September 22 through September 27, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. ET

Promo details: NEW matching social media templates for ChicSavvy, ChicBoss, ChicServe, and ChicBloom — all $10 OFF (no code needed)!

September 28, 2021


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