How to Get an .edu Email Address Easily


There is one thing we prize here at the IMDC it is to never pay full price. In this digital age, there really is no need when a coupon code is just a Google search away.

So with that in mind…

Did you know that students, teachers, professors… get some of the best deals around? I'm talking better than Black Friday type deals with savings up to 80%!

How about a new Apple Macbook with a $200 discount?

Or here's one for you – a free Amazon Prime account for 6 months – can anyone say Grand Tour marathon binge fests! Never mind all the other companies who give massive 50% + discounts to students and teachers.

Never mind all the other companies who give massive 50% + discounts to students and teachers.


So as you can see you really need to get one of these .edu email addresses into your life.


I'm not a student?… I hear you all silently moaning!

Well in the past, it was quite easy to get a FREE .edu address, but as they say, that was the good old days.

However, there is now an even easier way to get one and it's almost free – $5!

Here is what you need to do.

  • Head over to FIVERR here and buy that gig for $5.
  • Go to your favourite websites and sign up with your new .edu address.
  • Pay way less for your favourite stuff!

Use this FIVERR gig to get your .edu email

Other ways to get a FREE .edu email

  • If you are a student or teacher – duh!
  • Signing up to online colleges – Some of these will give you a free .edu email.
  • If none of the above options works there is always FIVERR -practically free at $5.

Use this FIVERR gig to get your .edu email


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