A Brief Note on Best Pricing

All across this website you will see the best pricing for apps displayed. This is calculated based on two factors.

Lifetime Deal Pricing:
If there is a lifetime deal this will always be indicated as the best price over any other pricing options. This is true even if the lifetime deal has expired as it shows you what this app has sold for in the past as an encouragement to join the waitlist to get a similar deal again.

If a coupon code is available it will not be calculated in this best pricing figure as many companies don't allow their usual coupon codes to be applied on lifetime deals.

Side-note: Bootstrapps members are given an exclusive coupon code for the Bootstrapps store to further save across the web's largest selection of lifetime deals.

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Monthly Pricing:
If no lifetime deal is available - the best pricing is based on the cheapest monthly pricing plan.

If the app only has annual pricing, the figure is divided by 12. For example, an app that has a $99 annual price would have their best pricing represented on our website as $8.25.