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Running and operating your Instagram profile has up to now likely been a time-consuming process if done correctly. The fact is it takes time to find individuals, add individuals, respond to those who have liked or commented on your pictures or posts, all the while trying to find and reach new individuals and people to follow you back and thus increase your reach and sway. All this was a time-consuming process that became ever more time-consuming the larger and more expansive your reach became. But this is where Followadder comes into play. Followadder was designed with the intention of making a streamlined methodology of being able to quickly and easily handle all of these time-consuming tasks. So what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?


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Followadder Pros

Search by hashtag

This is a huge pro as now you are able to create customized searches based on specific hashtags. You can also alternatively search by specific likes, specific posts, or other search criteria. This is an important step forward as now you do not have to try and find these individuals manually one search at a time or by following the links through friend lists or requests. This will help connect you with individuals who are most likely to follow you and therefore you will follow back. Finding people who already share common interests, who share common hashtags, or who liked common photos, is all a huge step up from trying to find these individuals manually and now you are able to friend these individuals en masse and try and get them to follow you back.

Whitelist and blacklist

As your Instagram following grows, it can be increasingly difficult to make sure you purge the right people – those who are not following you back – while simultaneously ensuring that you maintain certain followers that you never wish to lose. Fortunately the enhanced abilities offered you by Followader allow you to do just this. For instance, when utilizing Followadder you can create a whitelist which is a list of individuals or accounts that you never want the automated system to unfollow for you. This is an important step as now you never need to worry about accidentally unfollowing an important person to your Instagram.

While Followadder is working to help find new followers for you and new people that you may want to connect with, you can also utilize a blacklisting method which ensures that you will never follow certain profiles. They could perhaps be the profile of a user with whom you do not wish to have dealings, a competitor in a business, or a profile that you believe will reflect poorly upon yourself and your Instagram account. No matter what the reason is, being able to have an automatic whitelist and blacklist is a huge enhancement to the current Instagram methods of friending and following.

Automated following

As mentioned before, finding new followers can sometimes be difficult but with the automated following feature, you can automatically follow individuals with a host of different options for how you would like to do this. For instance, you can follow individuals by keywords, you can follow popular photo commenters, or you can follow likes. This gives you huge versatility in your personal ability to follow huge groups of people. The more people you can follow, the more likely you are to get certain followers back and that will help enhance your reach and your message on Instagram.

Followadder Cons

There are far more features and pros to Followadder than are currently here mentioned. Enhanced search abilities, advanced customer service, and many other options are available through Followadder, but no matter how perfect a piece of software is, there will be shortcomings either in design or in execution by the user, so what are some of the cons to Followadder?

Automation amok

One of the potential pitfalls in Followadder is since it can allow for automatically finding friends and followers, you may end up following individuals or pages or profiles that you do not want to associate with. For instance, an individual profile may have many of the same hashtags, likes, or comments that you have specified for somebody that you want following your profile and so Followadder automatically follows them. The only problem is, this person may also hold political views that are controversial, or worse. These are the types of people that the blacklisting was made for as it's never your intention to follow unsavory characters but with such high levels of automation, the onus is on you to ensure that the people that you follow are people you actually want to be publicly associated with on social media.


In closing, Followadder is an exceptional tool when used responsibly. If you can successfully manage to utilize the automation in a responsible manner, then Followadder can enhance your Instagram reach exponentially and as your following grows, your message will, too.

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