Exploring The Box of Marketing Collateral That Comes With ConvertKit


With the latest buzz that is hitting for ConvertKit, you may be tempted to check it out. At first glance, this seems to be an email marketing program that will help you generate more clicks, more traffic, and sales overall. But when you actually look at this on a deeper level, you’ll realize that there’s a lot more than meets the eye here. In fact, you’re going to absolutely think differently about marketing as a whole. The big thing that you will see is simple, a full box of collateral. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or someone that has just stumbled into internet marketing, the resources that come with this site will absolutely help you build a portfolio for success.

Not Just Email

First and foremost, you’re going to find that there are several elements that come with your ConvertKit purchase. Many people just take advantage of the main feature up front. There’s something good there, no doubt. For instance, you’ll find that you can set up pages that will capture leads, and deliver free gifts for subscribing. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a good thing. But as you start to break down the other features, and really look at what you’re getting with this option, you’ll see that this is going to help you leverage a global audience.

Landing Page Design Elements

The company has built a program that is quite good. But on top of that, they are going to help you with templates of landing pages that have worked for marketers beforehand. They have come up with “foolproof” designed templates that you can take and use. Once you edit these for your needs, you will be able to use them to help you capture leads fast. Imagine getting all the traffic that you receive, and turning them into members of your email list. Do the math, and you’ll see that within the confines of just 1,000 people, you could have sales that jump overall. Imagine if 10% of your newsletter subscribers clicked through the links that you sent them. That would be 100 people that would targeted, pre-qualified, and ready to buy your products and services. This element is the #1 thing that million dollar marketers do. They get subscribers, they send out newsletters and they make money overall. With the ConvertKit option here, you can do the same thing. Start making money, with relative ease.

Following Up With Relative Ease

Beyond the basics, you’ll find that the biggest tool that you are going to get with ConvertKit is the incredible follow up solution. When you capture your lead, you can send a series of emails after the fact. Let’s say that you’re promoting a “job” listing affiliate marketing solution. You could get a subscriber up front, and then send them 6 or 7 emails after the fact. Now, before this program, you would have to do this automatically. That’s not the case at all anymore. You can now automate the whole process and ensure that you are able to capture leads, and generate more traffic down the line. Imagine getting more and more traffic, simply by nudging individuals that may have forgotten about you.

What could you promote with this option? Think about marketing a book for instance. You could giveaway samples, you could give away marketing elements for your book, then wait for a week or two and deliver a second chapter, or an update about the release. This can all be set up and sent out automatically. In fact, you could very well send out a complete lesson plan of marketing with this. Imagine if you had 15 lessons to show someone, you could make sure that every 7 days or even sooner, they get a new lesson to work through. This is not just great for marketing, it’s great for teachers, and individuals that want to have a series of things to promote, and teach.

Timing Is Everything

One of the coolest things that ConvertKit does is they help you with launching products and services. Let’s say that you want to have a lead page where people subscribe to get information about a book or product launch that you have down the line about 30 days. You can set up an email announcement that launches in 30 days, and work on other things. That’s right, you could work on marketing your website, and other things, while this sits idle for a time. When the 30th day comes, everyone that subscribed to a special list will get an announcement that your software, book, or project is now fully up and you can link them to it. This means that your launch will be huge, rather than having to work backward and try to engage an audience that may have forgotten about you.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Email marketing is not as simple as some of the major marketers today make it out to be. You’re going to have to go through trial and error. This sort of “trial and error” element is a tough thing to push through because it can cause a lot of issues with time, and conversion rates. Instead of going through the “trial and error” phase of learning email marketing today, why not take on a different route.

The best marketers today know a lot about making email marketing work for them. You can either learn on your own, or you could take this simple shortcut. ConvertKit was created to allow you to get faster results, with prebuilt options, templates, and training that others will not show you. Simply put, you can make money online through emails, get more of a lion’s share of your niche, and actually see people interested in what you’re doing. That’s more than you can say about having to do it from scratch. Why work harder? You can work smarter, and deal with better results than with other methods. The best thing about all of this is that you can automate it, so that things flow without spending too much time with trial and error.

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