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In todays showdown we have two of the best page builders for WordPress duking it out. Who wins?


Elementor vs Beaver Builder Review

Both Elementor and Beaver Builder are beloved to their fans.

Beaver Builder was first onto the scene in 2014 and is respected in the WordPress developer community for its clean code, reliable no-fuss updates and more compliant web standards when compared to other page builders including Elementor.

Elementor (launched in 2016) on the other hand has experienced astronomical growth for the exact opposite reason by focusing on the everyday user first. By enabling them to create feature rich and well designed websites without needing to understand code or even good design principles through their templates and widgets.

So when comparing these two together, the best option depends on who you are and what you want to do with your website which we will discuss in this comparison now.

This review has been broken up into six key areas which you can navigate to below and using the table of contents sidebar to the right.

Our conclusion to this Elementor vs Beaver Builder comparison will solve any niggling questions you may still have before signing up to one of these companies.

Elementor Overview

Elementor is a force to be reckoned with and the sheer speed of its development makes it the most comprehensive and feature rich page builder for WordPress right now. When you combine this feature set with its ease of use it becomes clear why over 5,000,000 websites now use it.

We use it ourselves on this website and have never looked back due to what it enables us to do with dynamic content which no page builder could do before, including Beaver Builder.

That being said one of the main criticisms against Elementor is partly due to the speed of new features being added which led some to believe it has become bloated and is a performance hog.

With one of the most recent Elementor updates this was addressed but in all honesty even before this update a good quality website host (like Cloudways) would have solved any reduction of page load times caused by Elementor.

Elementor has both a highly functional free version and Pro version which unlocks more design templates and modules. You can build a beautiful website just with the free plugin alone especially when combined with a third party design plugin called Envato Elements.

You will not find the same level of design & module options with such ease of use as Elementor and for this reason we recommend trialling the free version on your website.

Visit Elementor

But with that said there is still one reason to go with Beaver Builder which we will discuss next.

Beaver Builder Overview


Beaver Builder is a website design agencies best friend.

It’s reputation for slow and steady updates based on super clean code which loads super fast has all the hallmarks that a website designer wants to impress their clients.

It might not be as easy to use for creating the website design but that is exactly why clients hire professionals to use tools like this for them. Then when the project is delivered all the client needs to know is how to change text and pictures which Beaver Builder is comparable to Elementor in terms of ease of use for such basic website editing tasks.

So with that said if you are an agency or website designer you won’t go wrong with Beaver Builder for your client projects.

Visit Beaver Builder

Pros and Cons

Elementor Pros

  • Beginner friendly
  • Excellent design templates included
  • Powerful dynamic content features
  • Custom post type layouts
  • Theme Builder sections including header and footer
  • Free lightweight theme option available
  • Pop up builder included
  • Powerful form builder included
  • Incredibly affordable from $49

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Best WordPress page builder for agencies
  • Clean and web standards compliant code
  • Rock solid support team
  • Plugin makes it more difficult for clients to mess up
  • Reliable – won’t break websites or cause conflicts
  • Less bloat should result in faster page load times

Elementor Cons

  • Code is not as clean as Beaver Builder
  • Support is not quite as good
  • Updates can cause issues
  • Numerous 3rd party plugin conflicts
  • No white-label for agencies

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Not as easy to use (can be a pro too!)
  • Have to buy extra theme to get full feature set
  • Development of plugin is slow
  • No pop up or form builder
  • More expensive overall

App Scores


Ease of Use











Elementor Score Notes

Elementor rightly deserves to score highly on all areas but in recent weeks we have noticed support times lagging behind.

It is now not uncommon to wait up to a week for a response to your query, however when you do get a reply it is from an expert consultant who more often than not will solve your issue.


Ease of Use











Beaver Builder Score Notes:

Beaver Builder is only marked down on “Pricing” compared to Elementor because to get a similar feature set you will need to buy their theme ($147) and Pro plugin ($99) and even then Elementor at just $49 (for one website) has more features regularly being added too.

For this reason we also marked down Beaver Builder on “Features” and “Ease of use” because it's nowhere near as seamless as Elementor in creating a full website design.


Elementor vs Beaver Builder Conclusion

Both of these plugins are the best of the best for different people.

If you are an expert website designer and developer who loves WordPress, then Beaver Builder with its clean code and feature set that prevents clients from fiddling around too much and breaking your work of art is just what you want.

If you’re not a professional website designer and want to be able to create websites that rival professionals albeit with maybe a bit more bloated code, then Elementor is for you. You will love how quickly you can get a website that looks great up and running and has more advanced widget features when you need it in the future.

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