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WebinarNinja 30 Day Challenge Discount

Get a Bonus plugin to support the training you receive in the Challenge.
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WebinarNinja 30 Day Challenge Discount

What is the WebinarNinja Challenge?

We’re hosting a 30 Day Automated Webinar Challenge to teach people how to set up automated webinars — the pre-recorded kind you can run 24/7 for passive leads and sales.

It’s aligned with some awesome new upgrades to our automated webinar feature.


  • 30 Days, 30 Video Lessons
    You'll get daily, step-by-step video training from Omar Zenhom: motivation, daily assignments, and accountability tools included.
  • WebinarNinja Software
    You'll get 30 days of full access to the WebinarNinja platform, so you can build your automated webinar system.
  • 30 SOP Templates
    You'll get 30 Standard Operating Procedure templates (SOPs). These documents allow you to totally automate what you learn.
  • 30 Days of Private Coaching
    Get access to 30 days of group coaching on our private Facebook group. You'll get the feedback and accountability you need to launch your automated webinar system.
  • 2 Live Q&A Webinars
    With 2 live group coaching webinars, Omar will make sure you're on track and that all your questions are answered. Live session recordings will be available.
  • Presentation Slide Templates
    You'll get our custom-designed webinar presentation slide templates in both PowerPoint and Keynote format.
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