Bluchic Themes Review

Bluchic Themes Review

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Throughout the past, women have often struggled to find success or help in male-dominated arenas. But with the rise of the modern woman and the opportunities afforded by 20th and 21st century opportunities, women have now gained access to every sphere of life and business. However, in many cases, the tools required to help assist them have still remained predominantly masculine. This is also true when it comes to website design templates.

Good news ladies!

Bluchic Themes was designed to address this imbalance between male-centered or male-designed website themes by providing a counterbalance of beautiful website themes designed for feminine clients and women-owned businesses. Bluchic Themes is really about helping women entrepreneurs be successful by providing them the tools needed for success and there is no greater tool needed for success in the 21st century than a beautiful and engaging website design. So what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional themes that come with Bluchic?

Bluchic Themes Pros

Female-oriented website themes

One of the biggest single pros is that there is a huge library available through Bluchic of different website themes that can be utilized for various businesses. By creating themes and templates which can be utilized by a wide variety of businesses which have been traditionally female-dominated, women now have some options when it comes to their design schemes. These themes are easy to setup, and there is a wide access to website templates. A template website is a great way for a beginner business to start. While women entrepreneurs often faced many challenges on the road to financial success, finding a suitable website template should not be one of those barriers and that is why Bluchic offers such a wide variety of themes and templates for their female base.

Landing pages

One thing that all young entrepreneurs struggle with is finding ways to engage clients, and truly one of the hardest things to do is to get that client name on the email list. An email list is marketing gold if you can manage to secure it but getting somebody's email can be difficult. Fortunately, Bluchic Themes has designed engaging landing pages made to help entrepreneurs get email addresses and build email lists directly from the landing page. As soon as an individual comes onto the page, being able to help funnel them into your email marketing lists can potentially pay huge dividends. This is because with an email list, if utilized properly, you can turn one time browsers into repeat customers with special deals, discounts, and information that they need to know. Bluchic Themes has taken something which traditionally has been very difficult to do and turned it into a built-in feature of landing pages. This can help to ensure that your customers are properly engaged and that you can start building the all essential email list page at once.

Bluchic Themes Cons


So what could possibly be the con of something like this? Well one potentially huge con is the actual integration of various themes. This is not a dig at the tool itself but more about how individuals may misuse it. Since Bluchic offers you the ability to be able to have stunning graphics for your social media and create themes for your blogs and websites, one potentially huge pitfall individuals may run into is making these various themes clash with each other instead of complement.

Do you have one theme which is totally unrelated to your website? Individuals who seek to go to your website from the blog or from your social media accounts may be surprised to find it totally different or may feel like they have gone to the wrong location. This sense of bewilderment immediately loses some goodwill with clients. It is important at all stages of the marketing funnel for goodwill and positive relations to be maintained and one part of that is with a coherent, consistent system of theme integration so that even if things are different they should still complement each other in subtle stylistic ways. Building this can be difficult for some individuals who have not had the practice or simply struggle with stylistic integration.

Bluchic Themes Conclusion

In conclusion, Bluchic is an absolute must-have for the woman entrepreneur on the go. Having themes with the easy ability to integrate different blogs and social media advertising in such a way that complement your overall website, as well as help build marketing email lists, having huge access to different templates, and a whole host of other features that have not even been mentioned help to make Bluchic one of the absolute most outstanding products available to female business leaders.

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