Beaver Builder Review [2018 Update]

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Beaver Builder

Have you struggled on WordPress attempting to build sites from scratch? Have you languished through mediocre templates and had difficulty creating your ideal website? If you have, you are not alone. There are millions of web pages out there struggling between various levels of mediocrity and absolute horrid website design and a large part of this is simply due to the fact that many individuals lack the appropriate tools they need to make the website that they want to create. This is where Beaver Builder came in and changed everything. Beaver Builder works using the WordPress website templates and has created a whole library full of different templates for individuals to pick and utilize. Having a huge library with which to borrow from makes Beaver Builder an essential tool for professional website designers as well as individual business owners on the go. So what are some of the pros and cons of the incredible tool that is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder Pros

Saves you time

Template library

Unsurprisingly one of their primary features is also one of their greatest pros and that is their template library. Having library templates of many different kinds of pages, landing pages, contact pages, and entirely built template websites makes website design a breeze. No longer do you have to find vague pages which might work, you can find much more specific styles and custom templates which can allow you to simply swap out the pictures and text, then launch your website. This makes website production quick and easy which is a huge boost to both website makers as well as businesses seeking to have sites done quickly. Professional website designers will be able to swiftly find templates which meet their clients’ individual needs while simultaneously making it faster and easier for them to produce these sites and adding any additional features the customer requires. This means that website builders can build faster than ever before with Beaver Builder.

Switch themes but save content

This is a huge benefit available through Beaver Builder and that is the ability to change themes on a website while maintaining the content. This is a huge improvement from the way things have been done previously. If for whatever reason after a website had launched or even right before its launch date, you realize that perhaps the website clashed with your marketing themes, you did not like its style or its look, or it was not doing the right work of funneling individuals into marketing or getting them to subscribe to email newsletters and it needed changed. Now with Beaver Builder, instead of having to scrap a website and start all over again, as was the traditional method, Beaver Builder allows you to port all of that over to a brand new website theme. Just think about that for a second, with a little bit of realignment and adjusting, you can take all of your text, links, sales pages, and pictures and move them all over to a brand new website theme without having to start from scratch. This is the power offered by Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Cons

Individual limits

While Beaver Builder itself offers infinite variety, infinite imagination, and infinite flexibility and a wide variety of design themes, templates, and programming, there is a huge limiting factor and that is the individual using it. Beaver Builder attempts to make website design simple. Building websites in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of days is very possible even for novice builders. However, people who are new to website building can have trouble understanding some of the finer points.

Perhaps they don't know that pages ought to share similar themes, or perhaps they have made and designed a very poor marketing funnel in their attempt to get users to buy into their products. No matter what the issue is, Beaver Builder is not the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to making your business a success. The success or failure of any given business lies not in the tools it uses but by those who use them. If you are somebody who struggles with either website design or finding ways to engage clients, then although Beaver Builder is an excellent tool and can help, your biggest help will come by finding people to teach you, or simply hiring an individual to utilize Beaver Builder on your behalf. Beaver Builder is an exceptional tool but it still needs someone who understands or is willing to learn online marketing, engaging designs, and successful marketing funnels for it to start paying dividends.

Beaver Builder Conclusion

In conclusion, Beaver Builder is one of the most exceptional tools to have ever come across the internet for website design. With its high functionality, its ability to create swift websites in minutes as opposed to days or weeks, the ability to port over all of your information into a brand new design theme without having to start from scratch each time, and its huge variety of templates and options all come together to make Beaver Builder an absolute must-have for every entrepreneur seeking to make a winning website that will engage clients and make money.

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