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Building a reputation for yourself and making your name online can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Part of the big problem is unless you were already well-known, you will have to be starting this process from scratch. But what if they were a better way? What if there was a way for you to be able to utilize the knowledge of others and use their authority on topics to benefit your thriving growing business? That is the promise of Authority Spy. Authority Spy is made with the intention of helping you seek out highly qualified authorities on your given topics and learning how to utilize and integrate those authorities into your marketing campaign. So what are some of the pros and cons of this elegant tool?


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Authority Spy Pros

Easy to find authorities

One of the first great pros is how easy it is to find the exact authorities you need. With Authority Spy, all you have to do is type in a couple of keywords and Authority Spy will find you the best writers and research that already has a proven track record online of being well respected and well followed. This means that you are instantly going to gain access to the best that the internet has to offer. This is far superior to simply trying to identify the sources yourself or the hours that it could take to find reputable individuals online through mere Google searches. With Authority Spy, you are able to swiftly find quality authority sources which takes a lot of the pain and many hours out of the research.

Show you their influence

Say you wanted to find an ideal authority for a Facebook promotional campaign or maybe one on Twitter? Well fortunately for you, Authority Spy not only can find you the individuals but can also give you an analytical breakdown of how many followers they have and on what social media platforms. This is a huge boost to your ability to utilize the sources to further your marketing or message as now you will be able to find the individuals who have the strongest voices inside the spheres you are trying to reach. Finding somebody with the most overall followers but who has almost no representation on Facebook would not be ideal if you are attempting to launch a Facebook campaign. This analytical software is so powerful because it tells you minute specific information about the breakdown of where these followers are and how many. With this information, it is easy for you to utilize their authority to achieve your specific goals.

Share results

Authority Spy is not just useful if you are attempting to find individuals and quality sources within your sphere for you to build upon and utilize their knowledge from, it is also a fantastic research and analytical tool overall. Finding these kinds of sources can be a researcher’s dream come true, especially if you are attempting to chart the rise and influence of different individuals on

certain topics online. But what good is all of this gathered data if you are unable to share it? Fortunately, Authority Spy has also thought of this and makes it easy for you to export any of the data information which you have gathered on individuals online into an easy Excel sheet. This ability to share results and information is an essential element of why Authority Spy is so useful across so many different forums and mediums

Authority Spy Cons

All software has a drawback, whether it is in the limitations of its own power, or limitations of what its users thinks it can accomplish. This is no different with Authority Spy, so what are some of the cons for this fantastic program?

Be wary how you utilize

This one may seem like common sense but common sense is too often lacking. Being wary how you utilize it does not mean that you should be fearful of using this exceptionally powerful and useful tool; rather when you are attempting to leverage the authority of individuals on topics or resources to support or bolster your arguments, thoughts, or product lines, it is essential that you do not accidentally give the misinterpretation that they have specifically endorsed your brand. The last thing your thriving business needs is allegations of false advertising. Leveraging and utilizing authoritative sources to support your argument is all well and good but if you accidentally cross a line and either explicitly or implicitly imply that those authoritative sources support your brand, product, or service specifically, you can find yourself in some serious legal issues.


All that being said, if you can use Authority Spy responsibly you will be able to have easy access to the metrics of authorities throughout the internet; easily be able to identify the most followed, liked, and well-respected individuals within their fields; and be able to utilize and share that information for any projects or research that you need. Overall, Authority Spy is an exceptional tool and one that is incredibly useful for online marketing research. If you would like to find out more information you can always visit

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