Get rewarded buying WordPress & SAAS apps.

Discover the best apps for your online business and get a bonus plugin of your choice even if you just spend $1.

Our mission

About Us

For App Makers

Our community of startups and marketers love apps and are willing to invest in quality companies. 

By featuring your app, you will get exposure, user feedback and an injection of cash flow into your business.

It's free to list your app and you don't have to be running a lifetime deal to be selected for community promotion.

For App Buyers

This website ultimately is for you with 1,500+ apps and plugins on offer with a bonus. Join the community and get advice on which apps are best for your requirements.

We also have the wait list initiative (on app listings) to encourage companies to offer you a lifetime deal. 


Here are the last 20 deals added to the website.

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